Is A Home Warranty A Home Buyer's Best Bet

Builders have written down their land costs, changed specifications and have lost the fluff and overhead they once had worked with. They've had to basically change their business model to fit today's market and lower Florida new home prices are a reflection of that!

Home Warranties have become increasingly popular over the past ten years. It is estimated that about 80% or more of residential sales come with a american home shield policy.

Only sign up with a provider that offers around the clock service, so that you can call them any time, any day. Again the reason is, you don't want to be left waiting around in a flooded home with a collapsed roof for days on end, you want someone to get the ball rolling and get things fixed as soon as you can. If your provider doesn't work weekends, or doesn't have someone manning the phones on the night shift, you could well be left facing an intolerably long night.

Do you want to increase the chance of selling your home? Some people increase the chance of selling their home by offering incentives to potential buyers, such as offering to pay some of the closing costs or even offering new appliances if a buyer actually buys the house.

With a Florida new construction home, you have the opportunity to choose what you like from the start, including such options as: elevation, cabinetry, flooring, wall color, fixtures, counter tops and the list goes on.

Being a member of ACAC, you can have many benefits like indoor and outdoor tennis courts, free child care, water park with pools, youth and adult programs, free blood pressure screenings, for a minimal charge you can have access to cholesterol tests and Flu shots, excellent cardio and strength training equipments, weekly group exercise classes, mind body classes, weight loss program and above all it provides healthy snacks and drinks for members.

Usually, home warranties are purchased for a year and can be renewed annually. Before buying a home protection plan, it is necessary that you conduct some research on various companies, what are covered and what are not covered, premiums offered by each company and so on. There are lot of reviews and user experiences available on the Web which you can read and understand. Also, some websites provide ratings for the warranty companies. Ensure that there have been no customer complaints about the company from which you are planning to buy the home service contract.

A lot of people say they don't want to pay high new home community fees, mainly because they don't understand what those fees are actually used for. CDD/HOA Fees take care of such things as clubhouse, pool and grounds maintenance, street lights, roaming security, etc.

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Friday, 19 Apr 2013

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