RK innovative portable stage platform with bottle package

Wish other RK mobile stages,
RK new portable stage platform is dependable and thus rust no cost,

easy to start up. When compared with extra stages, this stage platform
is affordable because of the RK - portable stage Manufacturers - present

1. Effortless to transport, convenient to create.

2. Modular made, which means you portable stage stairscan certainly setup and/or disintegrate the right folding stage into any shape you may mount.

3. Powerful, oxidize prevention also simple layout.

4. Top quality plywood with decorating, 30mm thick!

5. Max heavy support up to 185lbs./sq.ft (1000kg/sq.m)

Don't worry about transport, just about all RK stages are
light-weighted but nonetheless clearly crafted as well as rugged. Just
as an ISO certificated service, all RK’s things are carefully graded as a
result of conventional outstanding deal with techniques before the
shipments. Each and every a part of the hose is only graded to guarantee
the most beneficial.

By foxug
Saturday, 27 Apr 2013

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