Lisa: Reasonable selection of sports shoes, sports injury prevention

Hello everyone, I'm Lisa, I'm from My Air Yeezy 2 For Sale! A friend of mine emailed me, told me a very regrettable thing, when she was running careless sprained his feet, because her selection of Yeezy 2 Shoes are too loose. We all know that exercise is often an accident, the attention will be injured, so that will affect your study, work, or even life. Before exercise, we must pick good for their own sportswear. Idle period can also go to visit Kanye West Blog.

Today, I tell you on how to choose the sports shoes. Our selection of sports shoes should pay attention to the eight principles: comfortable fit, sneakers functional, breathable the antibacterial properties feet try, removable and washable insoles, laces are made of knitted plastic, the tongue whether the fixed and select pin type. I hope these helpful friends want to pick sneakers, for your reference.

When the movement must wear sports shoes to protect the feet, there sneakers wide variety of species, it should be how to choose a suitable sports shoes? Now, I introduce you to the 8 principles of the selection of sports shoes, you do need to pay attention to health concerns. The Womens Air Yeezy 2 and Mens Air Yeezy 2 must follow this principle.

A pair of sneakers, can not do all things

Do all kinds of sports, the range of activities of the foot to increase foot muscles and ligaments are strained state, if not careful, it is easy to cause foot injury, so you need the right pair of sports shoes to protect the feet. Manufacturers in the manufacture of sports shoes, it will hard for some sports features, made in line with the design of the sport and for the specific biomechanical requirements, so a good sneakers will enable us to achieve the purpose of physical exercise in comfort.

A lot of people in daily life is a pair of sports shoes for running, but also for basketball, tennis and other sports, this approach will lead to increased risk of injury, it is difficult to get a good workout. According to statistics, more than half of the U.S. Amateur Sports sports injuries are due to inappropriate sneakers.

Pay attention to buy sports shoes

Have a pair of professional sports shoes is the first choice of every sports fans, then how to choose the right sports shoes? Experts suggest that can be considered from the following eight points:

1 buy sneakers key comfort and fit, not only attach importance to style, color and brand. Comfortable walking shoes can reduce the incidence of the foot blisters and prevent the foot from sliding shoes.

(2) to pay attention to the functionality of the sports shoes, about sneakers slip, shock absorption function and stability. Slip-performance sports shoes can increase friction, reduce chance of slipping; damping performance good shoes can slow the impact of external forces on the feet; stable shoes can protect the ankle.

Focus on sports shoes breathable and antibacterial deodorant performance, breathable shoes can make sweat evaporate quickly to reduce the risk of foot by bacterial and fungal infections. Buy very functional nano anti-bacterial deodorant and other sports shoes, to look for the test report or a patent certificate, so as not to be deceived. Like ball games, shoe the best choice for the leather, because of its tolerance and firmness are better.

(4) purchase of sports shoes, socks dress, and you exercise the same pair of shoes, toe front-end reserve space, can be avoided by foot abrasions and swelling, adjusting foot moisture, so feet dry. Best feet to try, because the majority of people the size of two feet is not the same.

Insole, removable and washable, in order to ensure the health shoes. The insole is the layer closest to the foot, and can slow down the movement force of the impact to the sole, to extend the service life of the shoe.

Shoelaces are knitted, made of plastic, easy to join up. The shoelace best position in the ankle joint, so you can make the ankle for better support.

Take a look at whether the tongue can be fixed, because the movement is easy to make tongue contorted, causing discomfort, tongue materials should be soft, breathable.

8 feet is an important consideration. Most people's feet are low or flat arch, normal arch and high arch three types. Flat arch, should choose a pair with a hard after to help support strong shoes; the high arches person, should choose the shock absorption heel stability shoes.

The end of a reasonable selection of sports shoes, not only can make you stay away from sports injury, but also indirectly improve the quality of your movement, living healthy, really good, so, we must remember these. Of course, if you can buy a Cheap Air Yeezy 2, we more like it, because it saves the overhead. I highly recommend the selection of sports shoes to Nike Air Yeezy 2 for Sale, Web site address is:

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

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