PoE against Blizzard: PoE is better.

I made an entry through which I expressed my negative relationship with the latest Diablo game. I principally suggested that all I desired from the latest Diablo game was a somewhat improved version of Diablo 2. When Diablo 3 failed to accomodate such wants, I was upset, as if I would not ever get to enjoy a game that made me have fun the way I did while playing D2. If the almighty Blizzard Entertainment could fall short in making a fun Action RPG in the modern gaming market, then it was reasonable to think that there was no chance. And then I discovered PoE.

The small free ARPG is now in open beta. I have been alerted to this title ever since I first discovered that D3 was not good. PoE is one of the top hits I saw on Ask when I was searching addictively for any other Action RPG that would fill the longing to play a click-fest loot hunting game that Diablo 3 couldn't fill. When I read it was free-to-play, I pretty much discharged it totally, believing that any game maker that is not brave enough to offer a box price for its game probably thought it had produced something terrible. What I saw they were having an open beta, I felt I should give the game a go. I am happy.

Two facts were clear to me when I synced up to the server. The first was how unashamedly this game wants to be D2. The second was just how definitely the customers logged into the game enjoyed it for being like the last Diablo game. One of the initial missions in the ARPG asked me to kill all the monsters in a area. Later on in the very first act I found myself in a prison containing skeletons. The waypoint mechanics in POE seem to function exactly the same way as those featured in the last Diablo game. The bags UI looks exactly like those featured in D2. Just as in the last Diablo game, maps are randomly designed.

Surely the most engaging bit of my time with in the chat room kept discussing the fact that this game was more entertaining than D3. Everyone chatting seemed to be with PoE for the same reason: the latest Diablo game disappointed them and they wanted to commit to something along the same lines to the last Diablo game.

Not everything is totally the same as D2. There is not an active skill talents in PoE. Instead users collect skills as drops called gems and insert into other items. There is however a passive skill tree in PoE. This skill tree is totally shocking to peruse, as it offers thousands of passive skills. Most of these give simple stat boosts, such as 10 to agility. This mechanical offering is intimidating at first, but once users get the hang of it, it has the imagination to present an amazing array of customization in a ARPG such as this. Players of Path of Exile can also path of exile leveling.

Path of Exile is recently in closed beta, and will hopefully see a longer term open beta before the end of the year. Those who can't wait for release can play right now.

By grazynagwuvloovmvmet
Saturday, 3 Aug 2013

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