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If your typical day consists of having an ice cold drink with your family or a few friends, then you certainly should consider purchasing an ice machine. The quantity of ice cubes manufactured in a normal refrigerator are simply not enough to quench the thirst of the entire family, and this necessitates the need to have an ice machine in the home. The main task of ice machine is to produce an ample supply of ice when you need it. According to statistics, the ice required for average household is 6 oz per 12 oz. drink and 10 oz. per 20 oz drink. Let’s also not forget about filling up the ice cooler before heading out for the day. Ice producing refrigerators fail to meet the demand of even a few glasses. This is certainly a sufficient reason why one should make the investment in an ice machine.

There are two varieties of ice machines: air–cooled and water–cooled. Air-cooled ice machines use air to disperse the heat, whereas water–cooled ice machine uses water to do the same function. Air-cooled ice machines use more energy and also are much noisier than water-cooled ice machines. However, they are more affordable than water-cooled ice machines.

Before choosing an ice machine, one must consider the needs and requirements in order to determine the make and model. If the requirement is for a household or a small office, an ice machine with a 25lbs bin will suffice which can handle the rush at lunchtime. One also needs to take in to account the kind of ice that will be produced. The best machines produce ice, which is crystal clear and hard, which has to do with the freezing process and water quality. The ice machine should be compact in size to save on storage space. For the environmentally conscious, there are many ice machines, which do away with CFCs. Try to locate CFC-free R-134a refrigerant in the specifications listed out by the manufacturer. Another feature is an overflow sensor to prevent overfilling.

One important thing that any buyer of an ice–machine should consider is the NSF certification. NSF is an independent, non-profit organization that authenticates the claims made by the manufacturers of various products. FranklinChef manufactures high quality, commercially rated NSF ice machines suitable for household, office, bar or restaurant use.

The main benefits of an ice machine are that one can get large amounts high quality ice at any time. Ice from a machine is typically crystal clear, unlike the ice produced in a refrigerator, which is opaque. A filter is recommended to rid the ice or any impurities and to keep the machine clean and fresh. Most ice machines are manufactured from stainless steel making them more durable as well as relatively hygienic and easy to clean.

Hence, while purchasing an ice machine one must take into account the quantity of ice that will be required, as well as the energy consumed and the overall affordability. This will make your experience of buying an ice machine a pleasant one.

One important thing that any buyer of an ice–machine should consider is the NSF certification. NSF is an independent, no profit organisation that authenticates the claims made by the manufacturers of various products. manufacture NSF ice machines suitable for household as well as for commercial establishments.

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