George Bamberger

George Bamberger

August 1, 1923
175 lbs
Major League Debut:
4-19-1951 with NY1

George Irvin Bamberger (August 1, 1923 – April 4, 2004) was a Major League Baseball pitcher for the 1951–1952 New York Giants and the 1959 Baltimore Orioles. He later served as manager of the Milwaukee Brewers (1978–80, 1985–86) and New York Mets (1982–83).

Bamberger was born and raised in Staten Island, New York, and broke in with the Giants on April 19, 1951. The right-hander spent most of his career in the minors, including 15 years in the Pacific Coast League. Bamberger recorded 213 victories in 18 years as a minor league pitcher but won more recognition as a ML pitching coach and manager.

He was the Orioles pitching coach for a decade beginning in 1967. During that time, Baltimore had such standouts as Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Mike Cueller, and Pat Dobson, all of whom won 20 games in 1971.

As a pitching coach for the Baltimore Orioles, Bamberger would teach his famed pitch, "The Staten Island Sinker".

Offered the Milwaukee helm in 1978, Bamberger led the Brewers to a third-place finish and was named TSN and UPI Manager of the Year. In the spring of 1980, he underwent coronary bypass surgery but returned to manage from June 6 until his retirement in September. He was given a lifetime job in Milwaukee 's front office but was lured away by the Mets. He managed New York from 1982 until he resigned voluntarily in June 1983, citing health reasons. In 1985 and '86 he managed the Brewers to sixth-place finishes.


"A guy who cheats in a friendly game of cards is a cheater. A pro who throws a spitball to support his family is a competitor."

"A triple play will take you out of an inning real quick-like."

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George Bamberger


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