Lou Brock

Lou Brock

June 18, 1939
5' 11"
170 lbs
Major League Debut:
9-10-1961 with CHN
Allstar Selections:
1967 BR, 1974 ML, 1975 RC, 1977 LG, 1979 HA
Hall of Fame:
1961 CHN 4 11 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 .091 .182 .091 .273
1964 CHN 52 215 30 54 9 2 2 14 13 40 .251 .321 .340 .660
1978 SLN 92 298 31 66 9 0 0 12 17 29 .221 .279 .252 .530
1979 SLN 120 405 56 123 15 4 5 38 23 43 .304 .368 .398 .765
1964 SLN 103 419 81 146 21 9 12 44 27 87 .348 .418 .527 .945
1962 CHN 123 434 73 114 24 7 9 35 35 96 .263 .350 .412 .763
1977 SLN 141 489 69 133 22 6 2 46 30 74 .272 .337 .354 .691
1976 SLN 133 498 73 150 24 5 4 67 35 75 .301 .373 .394 .767
1975 SLN 136 528 78 163 27 6 3 47 38 64 .309 .386 .400 .786
1963 CHN 148 547 79 141 19 11 9 37 31 122 .258 .322 .382 .704
1972 SLN 153 621 81 193 26 8 3 42 47 93 .311 .388 .393 .781
1965 SLN 155 631 107 182 35 8 16 69 45 116 .288 .376 .445 .821
1974 SLN 153 635 105 194 25 7 3 48 61 88 .306 .405 .381 .786
1971 SLN 157 640 126 200 37 7 7 61 76 107 .313 .433 .425 .858
1966 SLN 156 643 94 183 24 12 15 46 31 134 .285 .337 .429 .767
1973 SLN 160 650 110 193 29 8 7 63 71 112 .297 .406 .398 .805
1969 SLN 157 655 97 195 33 10 12 47 50 115 .298 .377 .434 .811
1968 SLN 159 660 92 184 46 14 6 51 46 124 .279 .353 .418 .771
1970 SLN 155 664 114 202 29 5 13 57 60 99 .304 .396 .422 .818
1967 SLN 159 689 113 206 32 12 21 76 24 109 .299 .343 .472 .814
1961 CHN 4 12 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
1962 CHN 123 477 5 0 179 3 4 5 16 7
1963 CHN 148 588 4 2 209 4 2 2 24 12
1964 CHN 52 231 0 1 73 2 0 3 10 3
1964 SLN 103 464 4 12 221 2 0 2 33 15
1965 SLN 155 697 0 11 281 10 6 2 63 27
1966 SLN 156 678 1 0 276 3 6 7 74 18
1967 SLN 159 724 3 2 325 6 6 6 52 18
1968 SLN 159 712 2 1 276 3 7 4 62 12
1969 SLN 157 710 1 2 284 2 15 2 53 14
1970 SLN 155 729 3 1 280 1 12 10 51 15
1971 SLN 157 720 2 1 272 1 5 5 64 19
1972 SLN 153 675 3 3 244 1 12 6 63 18
1973 SLN 160 727 5 1 259 0 15 9 70 20
1974 SLN 153 701 1 2 242 2 16 8 118 33
1975 SLN 136 572 0 3 211 3 6 7 56 16
1976 SLN 133 544 6 4 196 1 7 19 56 19
1977 SLN 141 521 0 0 173 2 2 6 35 24
1978 SLN 92 317 1 1 75 0 2 4 17 5
1979 SLN 120 436 5 0 161 3 1 7 21 12
2616 10332 1610 3023 900 486 141 149 1730 761 49 938 307
CHN 327 1207 183 310 86 52 20 20 50 22 261 80 9
SLN 2289 9125 1427 2713 814 434 121 129 888 285 1469 681 40
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The beauty 3.0 algorithms such as whitening, face-lift, eye enhancement, to dark circles, Beauty and other functions, attempt to remove traces of PS. And on a customized version of QQ, N1 joined the beauty effect, real-time video beauty in QQ video chat. O-Click remote control: O-Click wafer looks similar to a small key pendant, can be achieved through a Bluetooth remote control camera, two-way search, security and electronic fences and many other features. The phone in the right position, press the button O-Click on a group photo came out. Open the phone anti-theft feature, when the phone and O-Click distance more than five meters, the phone and O-Click will alert. As for the two-way search and electronic fence function is similar reason. O-Touch touch back-way to solve the big screen mobile phone touch difficult problem. 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The global gesture version allows users to operate the mobile phone is turned on custom symbols. In addition, O + Desktop also put great emphasis on weather, desktop weather animation and actual weather conditions simultaneously, and in real-time call interface will show the other side of the weather. NFC Payments: Find 5 last year introduced NFC magnets, and this year's N1 is further equipped with NFC payment function. OPPO now has with China Merchants Bank and a number of the city's 'city card' cooperation and achieve subway, bus, rental and some supermarket chains, part of the chain gas stations N1 Nike Air Max complete mobile payment. OPPO future and a number of universities also intends to 'Campus Card' to achieve cooperation. Hardware configuration: N1 Qualcomm quad-core processor, Fujitsu custom video chips, with 16G or 32G Rom, supports multithreading and Air Jordan 12 multitasking, in S4 pro processor, based on the performance of more than 40%. 5.9 inches 1080P screen, PPI is 377.3610 mA battery, charging 2-3 hours to complete. OTG support phone line connection charge for mobile phones, but also to read U disk, read the camera's memory, wired mouse and keyboard. Finally OPPO shared a set of data: Currently, ColorOS software stores the total downloads exceeded one billion times, including game downloads exceeded 400 million times. The flagship Find 5 has sold 2 million units since its release last December, it is expected to total 300 million units sold before nike dunk heels the next city. Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton 9:15PM 07/21/15
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