Ken Caminiti

Ken Caminiti

3B, 1B, DH
April 21, 1963
200 lbs
Major League Debut:
7-16-1987 with HOU
Allstar Selections:
1995 GG, 1996 GG, 1996 MVP, 1996 SS, 1997 GG
2001 ATL NL DH 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2001 ATL NL 3B 13 12 9 19 2 3 .933 2.470 2.150
1988 HOU NL 3B 28 20 12 43 3 2 .948 2.550 1.960
2001 ATL NL 1B 33 33 240 14 6 19 .977 9.230 7.700
2001 TEX AL 3B 53 51 42 99 9 10 .940 2.870 2.660
2000 HOU NL 3B 58 56 37 81 11 8 .915 2.230 2.030
1987 HOU NL 3B 61 51 50 98 8 11 .949 2.840 2.430
1999 HOU NL 3B 75 73 52 139 14 17 .932 2.730 2.550
1994 HOU NL 3B 108 103 79 200 9 17 .969 2.720 2.580
1998 SDN NL 3B 126 126 77 207 21 16 .931 2.440 2.250
1992 HOU NL 3B 129 128 102 210 11 19 .966 2.460 2.420
1997 SDN NL 3B 133 133 90 291 24 20 .941 3.070 2.860
1993 HOU NL 3B 143 142 123 264 24 23 .942 2.820 2.710
1995 SDN NL 3B 143 142 102 295 27 28 .936 2.910 2.780
1996 SDN NL 3B 145 142 103 310 20 28 .954 2.920 2.850
1990 HOU NL 3B 149 140 118 243 21 22 .945 2.600 2.420
1991 HOU NL 3B 152 150 129 293 23 29 .948 2.900 2.780
1989 HOU NL 3B 160 159 126 335 22 27 .954 2.930 2.880
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