Andre Dawson

Andre Dawson

The Hawk
July 10, 1954
6' 3"
180 lbs
Major League Debut:
9-11-1976 with MON
Allstar Selections:
1977 ROOK, 1980 GG, 1980 SS, 1981 GG, 1981 SS, 1982 GG, 1983 GG, 1983 SS, 1984 GG, 1985 GG, 1987 GG, 1987 MVP, 1987 SS, 1988 GG, 1994 HA
Hall of Fame:


The 1987 National League Most Valuable Player, stoic Andre Dawson clubbed 49 homers and drove in 137 runs for the last-place Chicago Cubs, becoming the first player on a cellar-dweller to earn the award. He hit 174 homers in a Cubs' uniform, but that was just the second act in his fine career. Earlier, "The Hawk" starred as a five-tool center fielder for the Expos, hitting 225 homers and stealing 253 bases for Montreal in ten full seasons. With Ellis Valentine and Warren Cromartie, and later Tim Raines, he formed one of the most talented outfields of the era. He finished his career with two seasons for his hometown Florida Marlins. In 2010 he was elected into Baseball's Hall of Fame

Unform Number

#10 (1976-1986, 1993-1994), #8 (1987-1992, 1995-1996)

Replaced By

Dawson was a DH the last few years of his career, often a part-time DH. His last starting job in the outfield was as the Cubs' right fielder in 1992. After he left for the Red Sox in '93, Sammy Sosa took his spot in right for Chicago.

Best Season

Though Dawson was a more well-rounded player from 1979-1983, he was a monster in '87. I can't agree with his selection as Most Valuable Player, but he had a fabulous season for a very mediocre team. — Dan Holmes Several sources claim Dawson signed a blank major league contract with the Chicago Cubs in 1987. This is not completely true. Dawson was one of several free agents that off-season who did not receive any offers from teams. Lance Parrish, Tim Raines, Bob Boone, Bob Horner and Rich Gedman were a few of the others. These free agents were later awarded compensation because it was found owners' had agreed to ignore high-price free agents in an effort to drive down the price of players. Dawson eventually signed with the Cubs, his first choice because he had always had success at Wrigley Field. In his years with Montreal he had hit .346 (122-for-353) with 16 homers and a .598 slugging percentage in Wrigley. Dawson originally told the Cubs he would sign a blank contract and allow the team to fill in any salary they saw fit, just so he could get to play 81 games in Chicago. The Cubs refused and settled on a $650,000 contract - still far less than Dawson would have commanded in a "collusion-free" fair market. After his MVP campaign in 1987, the Cubs tore up the contract and re-signed him for $1.8 million./

Factoid 1

On May 22, 1990, Andre Dawson set a major league record for intentional walks in one game, when he received five in a 16-inning contest.


June 3, 1975: Drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 11st round of the 1975 amateur draft; November 12, 1986: Granted Free Agency; March 9, 1987: Signed as a Free Agent with the Chicago Cubs; November 4, 1992: Granted Free Agency; December 9, 1992: Signed as a Free Agent with the Boston Red Sox; October 21, 1994: Granted Free Agency; April 10, 1995: Signed as a Free Agent with the Florida Marlins; November 7, 1995: Granted Free Agency; January 5, 1996: Signed as a Free Agent with the Florida Marlins.


Power to all fields, and his throwing arm. Prior to his knee problems, he was also very fast.


Dawson never walked more than 44 times in one season. He was a free-swinger.


On September 24, 1985, Dawson became the second player in major league history to hit two home runs in an inning twice in a career, having previously done it on July 30, 1978.

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