Jimmie Foxx

Jimmie Foxx

C, OF, 1B, 3B, SS, P
Beast, Double X
October 22, 1907
195 lbs
Major League Debut:
5-01-1925 with PHA
Allstar Selections:
1932 MVP, 1933 MVP, 1933 TC, 1938 MVP
Hall of Fame:

XX in action!


An imposing physical specimen with bulging muscles, Jimmie Foxx was more than just a slugger - he twice led the American League in batting, and in 1945, at the tail end of his career, he pitched for the Phillies - winning a game and posting a 1.59 ERA. In his prime he challenged Babe Ruth's single-season home run record, won three MVP awards, and the Triple Crown. He won two World Series titles with Connie Mack's Athletics, and retired as the second leading home run hitter of all-time. His long home runs were legendary in nearly every park in the American League.

Unform Number

#3 (1931-1942 Red Sox), #16 (1942 Cubs), #26 (1944), #4 (1945)

Quotes About

"The thing I remember is he was such a humble person. He never argued with umpires. He'd walk away. Sometimes I thought he was too meek for his own good." — daughter Nanci Foxx, who served as the batgirl for the Fort Wayne Daisies, the team in the AAGPBL that Jimmie managed.

Replaced By

Foxx's last regular job was as the Red Sox first baseman in 1942. Tony Lupien took his job in mid-season, and the Sox released Foxx.

Best Season

He hit 58 homers and lost as many as seven more to rain-outs and new ballpark configurations that didn't exist in 1927 when Ruth hit his 60. Foxx also slugged .749 with a .469 OBP, 213 hits, 151 runs scored, 169 RBI, 116 walks, and a .364 batting average. Even in the high-run scoring environment of that era, those stats are incredible.

Factoid 1

Jimmie Foxx was once presented with 12 lobsters by an admiring fan, which he ate in one sitting!


Traded by Philadelphia Athletics with Johnny Marcum to Boston Red Sox in exchange for Gordon Rhodes, George Savino and $150,000 (December 10, 1935) Claimed on waivers by Chicago Cubs from Boston Red Sox (June 1, 1942)




Throwing arm (accuracy).


Foxx captured the American League's Triple Crown in 1933, when he hit .356 with 48 homers and 163 RBI.

Most Walk-Off Home Runs, Career

Jimmie Foxx........12 Mickey Mantle......12 Stan Musial........12 Frank Robinson.....12 Babe Ruth..........12 Tony Perez.........11 Dick Allen.........10 Harold Baines......10 Reggie Jackson.....10 Mike Schmidt.......10

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