Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson

Barney, The Big Train
November 6, 1887
6' 1"
200 lbs
Major League Debut:
8-02-1907 with WS1
Allstar Selections:
1913 MVP, 1913 TC, 1918 TC, 1924 MVP, 1924 TC
Hall of Fame:
Year Team Round G w l SV ERA SHo ip H SO BB R ER HR GS CG
1924 WS1 WS 3 1 2 0 3.00 0 24 30 20 11 10 8 3 2 2
1925 WS1 WS 3 2 1 0 2.080 1 26 26 15 4 10 6 1 3 3
Year Team
1924 WS1
1925 WS1
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