Bill Mazeroski

Bill Mazeroski

2B, 3B
September 5, 1936
5' 11"
183 lbs
Major League Debut:
7-07-1956 with PIT
Allstar Selections:
1958 GG, 1960 BR, 1960 GG, 1960 ML, 1961 GG, 1963 GG, 1964 GG, 1965 GG, 1966 GG, 1967 GG
Hall of Fame:

Bill Mazeroski

Bill Mazeroski

When Bill Mazeroski was elected to the Hall of Fame nearly 20 years after he retired, he was choked with emotion. He used the few words he said to make a case for "defense in the Hall of Fame." He was one of the more controversial players to earn entry to Cooperstown, despite his amazing fielding numbers. Pittsburgh fans remember him best for his World Series-winning home run in Game Seven of the 1960 World Series against the Yankees, but he gained notoriety for his cat-like reflexes around the bag. He earned eight Gold Gloves and set numerous records for his fielding at second.

Career Batting Stats
2163 7755 2016 769 138 853 27 .260 .367 .299 .667 95.7


Where does Bill Mazeroski rank among baseball greats?

Bill Mazeroski ranks among the Top 50 all-time at 2B. Rankings

Bill Mazeroski All Time Teammates:


Best Season: 1966
Maz played every game and committed just eight errors. His fielding average of .992 was one of the best in history, and he led the league in chances, assists, and putouts by a second baseman as well. Offensively he hit essentially his career average (.262), with a low OBP (.296 - basically his career average), but he hit 16 homers and had 45 extra-base hits, one of his best totals ever.

William Stanley Mazeroski was born on September 5, 1936, in Wheeling, WV.


Batted:  Right
Threw:  Right


Major League Debut
July 7,1956

Nine Other Players Who Debuted in 1956
Frank Robinson
Luis Aparicio
Bill Mazeroski
Curt Flood
Don Drysdale
Moe Drabowsky
Tito Francona
Charlie Lau
Whitey Herzog



Similar Players
Granny Hamner, Frank White


Related Players
Dick Groat, Ozzie Smith


Hall of Fame Voting
Year Election Votes Pct
1978 BBWAA 23 6.1%
1979 BBWAA 36 8.3%
1980 BBWAA 33 8.6%
1981 BBWAA 38 9.5%
1982 BBWAA 28 6.7%
1983 BBWAA 48 12.8%
1984 BBWAA 74 18.4%
1985 BBWAA 87 22.0%
1986 BBWAA 100 23.5%
1987 BBWAA 125 30.3%
1988 BBWAA 143 33.5%
1989 BBWAA 134 30.0%
1990 BBWAA 131 29.5%
1991 BBWAA 142 32.1%
1992 BBWAA 182 42.3%
2001 Veterans %

Post-Season Appearances
1960 World Series
1970 National League Championship Series
1971 National League Championship Series
1971 World Series
1972 National League Championship Series


Awards and Honors
1958 NL Gold Glove
1960 NL Gold Glove
1961 NL Gold Glove
1963 NL Gold Glove
1964 NL Gold Glove
1965 NL Gold Glove
1966 NL Gold Glove
1967 NL Gold Glove


Hitting Streaks
16 games (1961)

All-Star Selections
1958 NL
1959 NL
1960 NL
1962 NL
1963 NL
1964 NL
1967 NL

Best Strength as a Player
His reflexes and ability to release the ball quickly on the pivot.

Largest Weakness as a Player
He was not a very good offensive player in most of his seasons.

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  • Anonymous said: NOBODY , as long as Baseball exists, will EVER turn a Double-Play like MAZ did !! Strangely enough, we hear next to NOTHING of his great D'play partner, Mr. GENE ALLEY. They both posessed very under-rated range..and MAZ, in particular, was so SMOOTH, he glided to the ball-getting there before one realized. Maz had the throwing arm, as well, but he didn't need to show it often, since he had such a quick "Flip" throw to first. Gene's career, in comparison, was relatively short, and he had, reallly, just 3 or 4 decent seasons at the plate-once injuries plagued him all too often. Ol' #9 (& 14) were an absolute joy to watch - individually OR in TANDEM. I wish there more film clips of them in their PRIME- something the young fans (AND players) should be REQUIRED to watch !! 3:03PM 11/20/11
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