Orlando Merced

Orlando Merced

C, OF, RF, 1B, LF, DH, 3B
November 2, 1966
180 lbs
Major League Debut:
6-27-1990 with PIT
1990 PIT 25 24 3 5 1 0 0 0 1 9 .208 .250 .250 .500
1991 PIT 120 411 83 113 17 2 10 50 64 81 .275 .433 .399 .832
1992 PIT 134 405 50 100 28 5 6 60 52 63 .247 .380 .385 .765
1993 PIT 137 447 68 140 26 4 8 70 77 64 .313 .488 .443 .931
1994 PIT 108 386 48 105 21 3 9 51 42 58 .272 .383 .412 .795
1995 PIT 132 487 75 146 29 4 15 83 52 74 .300 .409 .468 .877
1996 PIT 120 453 69 130 24 1 17 80 51 74 .287 .400 .457 .857
1997 TOR 98 368 45 98 23 2 9 40 47 62 .266 .402 .413 .815
1998 MIN 63 204 22 59 12 0 5 33 17 29 .289 .377 .422 .799
1998 BOS 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 3 0 .222 0 .222
1998 CHN 12 10 2 3 0 0 1 5 1 2 .300 .400 .600 1.00
1999 MON 93 194 25 52 12 1 8 26 26 27 .268 .402 .464 .866
2001 HOU 94 137 19 36 6 1 6 29 14 32 .263 .372 .453 .825
2002 HOU 123 251 35 72 13 3 6 30 26 50 .287 .390 .434 .825
2003 HOU 123 212 20 49 17 2 3 26 15 33 .231 .307 .373 .679
1998 BOS 9 12 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1990 PIT 25 25 0 0 6 0 0 1 0 0
1998 CHN 12 12 1 0 6 0 0 2 0 0
2001 HOU 94 153 1 0 62 1 1 3 5 1
2003 HOU 123 230 2 0 79 1 2 3 3 2
1998 MIN 63 223 1 0 86 1 3 4 1 4
1999 MON 93 221 1 0 90 0 0 5 2 1
1997 TOR 98 420 2 0 152 3 1 6 7 3
1991 PIT 120 478 1 1 164 1 4 6 8 4
1992 PIT 134 465 5 1 156 2 8 6 5 4
1993 PIT 137 527 2 0 198 1 10 9 3 3
2002 HOU 123 281 3 1 109 0 5 9 4 0
1995 PIT 132 545 5 0 228 1 9 9 7 2
1996 PIT 120 507 3 0 207 0 5 9 8 4
1994 PIT 108 431 2 0 159 1 5 17 4 1
1391 3998 564 1108 585 229 28 103 661 487 12 57 29
BOS 9 9 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 0
CHN 12 10 2 3 5 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 0
HOU 340 600 74 157 85 36 6 15 12 3 115 55 2
MIN 63 204 22 59 33 12 0 5 1 4 29 17 1
MON 93 194 25 52 26 12 1 8 2 1 27 26 0
PIT 776 2613 396 739 394 146 19 65 35 18 423 339 6
TOR 98 368 45 98 40 23 2 9 7 3 62 47 3
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  • yyourself said: Pre-experience, is to move the user artifact text / Kingsoft Internet CEO Fu Sheng in the article, 'Remember, I only wish to' experience 'pay', I talked about the experience economy and experience in accordance with the logic of pricing, as well as some business cases, which together show a trend that users are willing to pay for the experience. Similarly, in this context, the Internet product in what way to impress and retain customers? I proposed a concept called 'pre-experience.' It is to push forward the product experience. The idea is to make products in the past, the user to use, now more like 'user experience to you to ask,' You have to continue to find ways to make that experience front. Therefore, the original product very much, people get dizzy, and now, we have found that by 'pre-experience' to let the user know that the experience is more important than anything else. Well, good pre-experience contains elements which do? Not what you did, but what a lot of user experience when staying in our thinking logic 'did what' rather Kids Shoes than 'users feel what.' For example, an advertising, would love to say how many cattle X focused engineers, which lasted many years from R \u0026 D and so on, like a singing rooster white world. While others may do a little game on two or three people, the results turned dry all the big companies. Such as the recent fire in abroad, especially for a game, is a small team of ten people in Sweden do, there are more than 500 million users, in fact, an elimination game. It essentially eliminates nothing special, that three of the same color, double-click it, and compare it to show off among friends, friends sharing and assistance do go in, grab a user's social relationships. Moreover, the game every sound, animation done very delicate, it is this experience so that users have an excellent experience, and soon popular. So, it does allow users perceive things. Many times users get the product to look, that do not know, that will not Nike Hyperdunk be used, even many times they do not know the function of the product even on deleted. For instance, we do Kingsoft free WIFI, with a laptop connected to the Internet line, other electronic equipment can be Air Jordan 6 free Internet access. Seems a small point, but quite to the user needs. Later Duba team told me that this is the first half of this year they do most users perceive a product point. Another example cheetah browser home page changes in the top left corner of the addition of a weather forecast. At that time, I let the product team add this function, they always say not increase, there are many other important things to do. This is a very small amount of work the job, but routed the end of their work. Why? Because they think they are doing now is the highlight. However, users will not control you are using a three-dimensional, render timely or good algorithm, if they do not point this function is zero, although this feature may be helpful to users. Later, I told them the first half of Tencent pushed through a press, 'all ten Chinese cities are less haze,' and is a micro letter headlines, it can be headline news on the micro-channel must be the focus of attention of the National People. Because the weather forecast, PM2.5 related to common health. Then finally add the phrase, after the addition was complete mouse click rate increased by 50%, it is such a PM2.5. Then I said that PM2.5 is not doing enough, if more than 100, why not marked red, and can remind me that 'pro, today the weather is bad, do not go out ah.' This is not very warm? Unexpectedly, as simple as a weather forecast, users shots into the microblogging. We think we have done a number of common features, users will take the initiative shots? On such a small dot product can make users feel very intimate, that it really hit the user experience point. If we do not pay attention to this stuff, it really is living in self-world. So, what to do or what your world is, and the user has nothing to do, they only care about their own concerns. Do not expend energy is good at but meaningless point I discussed with my colleagues the product when often hear them complain on something runs out of energy. I remind them that the important thing should try to advance, even should rethink their energy distribution. If you are busy every day, how much time you put in on the busy user to experience the real Air Jordan XX8 point. If not busy at these points, to think about how much is worn out. Secondly, think about how much time to spend on his own discussions and user experience related things? Just how much time is spent discussing their previous good at something? For example, the security software Kingsoft done before, what we most care about it? User install, uninstall, Nikkatsu, even the number of anti-virus and so on. But when we become an Internet company, what more cares? That user actions on each interface usage. So, I often tell colleagues analyzed Duba said that if, as a traditional anti-virus software, the most important is the overall scan. When you buy this box later, it's worth more than 100 dollars, a user with no matter what I do, anyway, he bought, which is cost pricing. Today, however, these anti-virus software are free. So, what Duba greatest value to the user experience point is it? That is pop bubbles. Because every day the number of the main interface to open only a few percent of users. However, the user can see the bubbles, especially in the big event will be promoted by more than half of the bubble, maybe more. If I just think about the idea of ​​how much energy we have spent writing these bubbles, and bubbles to Air Jordan 1 give users the feeling? This is an experience point. Users do not need to open the software you can get the experience of it. In fact, this is done the traditional tools are particularly easy to overlook the point that we spent on the front Nike SB of human experience, time and effort is not enough. Another example. Cheetah browser has an important function, called privacy mode. But the problem is that no one knows what position on the privacy mode, but what about hands to the point. From the user's world view, it is how to use your experience to speak, to tell the user 'Cheetah optimal privacy mode.' As you may think, you will think to add a pop to tell users have this experience, it may one day there will be 200,000 user experience. Relative do privacy mode this function, the workload is only one-tenth of pop, not even that, but that is just over one-tenth of the workload so, you, the more the user experience nearly nine times. This user is standing in the world to think about the issue. If you stand on our own point of view and you will say I do 90% of the functionality is very powerful. But do not know the remaining 10% may make you increase nearly 10-fold increments. Therefore, no matter how much you good at this function, it is more powerful, if not the user to experience the real point, it is useless. In fact, only a few users know that your new feature today to let users know that a function of the product, it is difficult, so difficult that we may all unaware. Perhaps you think the industry elite, no matter what function fiddle or two came out, users of the products have not seriously Air Jordan 6 thought Nike Air Presto habits. So, how to let the user know the new features of the product do? There is no doubt, I think it is the front experience. 'Version arrival rate' is software, there is a very important point, the user experience is very important. I know that some product managers do not care about the user's version of the distribution, immersed in their own world, do feel a strong product features, but is not concerned with the amount of users to upgrade, and found that there are only a few users in the use of new Features. We just like to say 'new releases' and released a month later after the discovery, etc. After only ten thousand users reach this version, while nearly 99 million users not reached this version. Then, the user is how much the value of the new features? Only 1%. This shows that the arrival rate is very poor version, then we need to think about: how to let the user know the latest? By which mechanism allows users to upgrade to the latest version? If the user does not have this experience, these new features are invalid. Therefore, to make a client software, and when the number of users to reach new version allows to obtain what experience, and after reaching the new version, how to let the user know the new features, etc., are very difficult, but very important! As micro-channel 5.0 forces the user to play the same aircraft. Previously, we have painted several figures, which makes it art. However, this figure has not thought about how many people see, after reading how many people know about. In fact, very few users have the patience to look for the new features. But, why not let them experience it, or even force them to use what? That is why I proposed the concept of 'pre-experience'. In addition to pay attention to the background outside, we have to put more energy distribution on the front experience, even careful to polish every word iPhone notification center. I remember years ago we demonstrated a problem: QQ Why can play information. Simply put, it is because the news has done just right, and the user's experience points. So when you most need to experience the user has made an experience, users will not feel tired, but feel very comfortable, which is why the QQ in minimizing the time out of a pre-experience. Now, everyone seems to talk about the news that Tencent is right and proper thing. But do you ever thought why we accept this fact? Because of its pre-experience really well. So many things from the perspective of the experience of rethinking will find a different answer, and pre-experience will undoubtedly be one of the most powerful angle. 9:23PM 07/21/15
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