Johnny Pesky

Johnny Pesky

SS, 3B, 2B
September 27, 1919
5' 9"
168 lbs
Major League Debut:
4-14-1942 with BOS
1954 DET 20 17 5 3 0 0 1 1 3 1 .176 .353 .353 .706
1952 BOS 25 67 10 10 2 0 0 2 15 5 .149 .388 .179 .567
1954 WS1 49 158 17 40 4 3 0 9 10 7 .253 .316 .316 .633
1953 DET 103 308 43 90 22 1 2 24 27 10 .292 .386 .390 .776
1952 DET 69 177 26 45 4 0 1 9 41 11 .254 .486 .294 .780
1951 BOS 131 480 93 150 20 6 3 41 84 15 .313 .492 .398 .890
1949 BOS 148 604 111 185 27 7 2 69 100 19 .306 .478 .384 .863
1947 BOS 155 638 106 207 27 8 0 39 72 22 .324 .437 .392 .829
1946 BOS 153 621 115 208 43 4 2 55 65 29 .335 .444 .427 .871
1950 BOS 127 490 112 153 22 6 1 49 104 31 .312 .535 .388 .922
1948 BOS 143 565 124 159 26 6 3 55 99 32 .281 .467 .365 .832
1942 BOS 147 620 105 205 29 9 2 51 42 36 .331 .402 .416 .818
1942 BOS 147 686 0 22 258 2 0 8 12 7
1946 BOS 153 703 0 14 265 3 0 8 9 8
1947 BOS 155 719 0 9 250 0 0 10 12 9
1948 BOS 143 677 0 7 206 6 0 10 3 5
1949 BOS 148 713 0 5 232 4 0 12 8 4
1950 BOS 127 605 0 6 190 5 0 13 2 1
1951 BOS 131 573 0 7 191 2 0 10 2 2
1952 BOS 25 84 0 1 12 1 0 1 0 3
1952 DET 69 223 0 5 52 0 0 2 1 2
1953 DET 103 342 0 5 120 2 0 4 3 7
1954 DET 20 20 0 0 6 0 0 2 0 0
1954 WS1 49 171 1 2 50 0 0 2 1 1
1270 4745 867 1455 404 226 50 17 218 662 25 53 49
WS1 49 158 17 40 9 4 3 0 1 1 7 10 0
DET 192 502 74 138 34 26 1 4 4 9 22 71 2
BOS 1029 4085 776 1277 361 196 46 13 48 39 189 581 23
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1946 World Series, Boston Red Sox, Johnny Pesky


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