Al Pratt

Al Pratt

Uncle Al
November 19, 1848
5' 7"
140 lbs
Major League Debut:
5-04-1871 with CL1

''Albert George Pratt''' (November 19, 1848 – November 21, 1937), nicknamed "Uncle Al", A native of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Pratt was a American Civil War veteran and baseball player.

He lost the first professional baseball game ever on May 4th, 1871.

David Pietrusza's website has a page on Al Pratt, said that he started pitching in 1867, and in 1868 managed the Portsmouth, Ohio Baseball Club. He was a a right-handed pitcher and outfielder in the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players for the Cleveland Forest Citys in the Professional League of Baseball Players. This was the first professional league in America.

Pratt was 5'7", 140 lbs., and compiled a 12-26 record in 43 professional games as a hurler. In successive years with Cleveland, 1871–1872, Pratt hit .262 and .277 in 45 games with a total of 54 hits.

After the majors he went back to non-league games, and also was a National League umpire in 1879-80 and later an American Association umpire.

In 1880 he found and managed of the first major league club in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Allegheny's (who later became the Pirates) entry in the American Association. He was an organizer of the Union Association, and a part owner of the National League Pittsburgh club in 1890 during the Players League revolt.

Pratt celebrated his eighty-ninth birthday a week before his death in Pittsburgh on November 21, 1937. He was buried, according to his request, attired in his Grand Army of the Republic uniform.

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