Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera

Mo, Super Mariano, The Sandman
November 29, 1969
6' 2"
185 lbs
Major League Debut:
5-23-1995 with NYA
Allstar Selections:
1999 BR, 1999 RR, 1999 WsMVP, 2001 RR, 2003 ALCS, 2004 RR, 2005 RR, 2009 RR


Unform Number

#42 (1995-)

Quotes About

"Pretty much, you think the game is over when he comes in. You know you have to turn it up a notch if you want to have a chance. That, or you have to hope his cutter cuts so much that he walks us or hits us."  Johnny Damon

"The most amazing thing is Mo's demeanor; not too many people have what he has. He's never intimidated, he'll challenge anyone, and you can't tell from his expression whether he was successful the night before or if he failed the night before. You have to have that in the role he has and, more importantly, where he's playing." Derek Jeter

Quotes From

Sometimes you try so hard to do things so right that you do them all wrong. It's like moving in quicksand. The more you move, the more you sink."  Mariano Rivera, on dealing with slumps "It's my job. I think we have to accept that it's more than pitching. I've been here for [15] years and I have seen a lot. If I can help anybody, any of my teammates, to be better, I'm going to do that." — Mariano Rivera on helping younger teammates

Best Season

In the middle season of the Yankees' three-year title run, Rivera notched 45 saves, posted a 1.83 ERA, and allowed just two homers in 69 innings. In the post-season he was untouchable, pitching three innings of one-hit ball in two games in the LDS against the Rangers, hurling 5 2/3 innings of no-hit ball in four games against the Indians in the LCS, and 4 1/3 shutout innings against the Braves in the World Series. His stats for the post-season: 2-0 with six saves, a 0.00 ERA in 12 1/3 innings, nine strikeouts and one walk. He was named MVP of the Fall Classic.

Factoid 1

When Mariano Rivera enters games in Yankee Stadium, the sound system plays "Enter Sandman."



Mastery of his pitches and his defensive ability on the mound.


No glaring weaknesses.


Notched his 400th save on July 16, 2006. he became the fourth pitcher to reach that plateau.


Rivera went 23 consecutive games in the post-season without allowing a run, from the 1998 ALDS through Game Three of the 2000 ALCS.


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