Phil Rizzuto

Phil Rizzuto

SS, 2B
September 25, 1916
5' 6"
150 lbs
Major League Debut:
4-14-1941 with NYA
Allstar Selections:
1950 ML, 1950 MVP, 1951 BR
Hall of Fame:


One of the most figures men in Yankees history, little Phil Rizzuto played a steady shortstop for the Bombers for 11 full seasons in a career interrupted by service in World War II. Later he became a broadcaster for the team, holding that position for four decades. In 1950 he was named Most Valuable Player in the American League. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1994.

Quotes About

"He does everything right. He gives you good throws, and he takes your bad ones with ease, nonchalance." — Gil McDougald

Replaced By

Billy Hunter, briefly, and then Gil McDougald.

Best Season

Rizzuto's .324 average was more than 50 points over his career mark. A mature ballplayer at the age of 32, he collected 200 hits and scored 125 runs while winning the MVP Award. During the season he strings together a ML record 238 chances without an error.

Factoid 1

When the TV show What's My Line premiered on February 2, 1950, Phil Rizzuto was the very first "mystery guest."

Factoid 2

On August 4, 1985, when the Yankees held "Phil Rizzuto Day," the White Sox' Tom Seaver notched his 300th career win. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Rod Carew collected his 3,000th hit.


His baseball instincts.


Extra-base power.

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