Brooks Robinson

Brooks Robinson

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Major League Baseball Hall of Fame player Brooks Robinson in his official 1955 photo, his rookie season with the Baltimore Orioles Source Official Oriole Profile, Photo and Data Book. Published by the Baltimore Orioles without any copyright notice in 1956.

3B, 2B, SS
Vacuum Cleaner
May 18, 1937
6' 1"
180 lbs
Major League Debut:
9-17-1955 with BAL
Allstar Selections:
1960 GG, 1961 GG, 1962 GG, 1963 GG, 1964 GG, 1964 MVP, 1965 GG, 1966 AsMVP, 1966 GG, 1966 LG, 1967 GG, 1968 GG, 1969 GG, 1970 BR, 1970 GG, 1970 WsMVP, 1971 GG, 1972 GG, 1972 RC, 1973 GG, 1974 GG, 1975 GG
Hall of Fame:
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