Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

SS, DH, 3B
July 27, 1975
6' 3"
230 lbs
Major League Debut:
7-08-1994 with SEA
Allstar Selections:
1996 ML, 1996 SS, 1998 SS, 1999 SS, 2000 SS, 2001 Hank A, 2001 SS, 2002 GG, 2002 Hank A, 2002 ML, 2002 SS, 2003 GG, 2003 Hank A, 2003 MVP, 2003 SS, 2005 MVP, 2005 SS, 2007 Hank A, 2007 ML, 2007 MVP, 2007 SS, 2008 SS, 2009 BR


Labeled a "can't miss" prospect when he came up as a teenager with the Mariners in the mid-1990s, Alex Rodriguez delivered on that promise in a huge way. After developing into an All-Star shortstop with tremendous power and great defensive ability, he matured into a powerful slugger and earned baseball's first $200 million contract. Before his 30th birthday, he had hit 400 home runs and driven in more than 1,100 runs. He was dealt to the New York Yankees in a controversial deal prior to the 2004 season, after nearly joining the Boston Red Sox. With the Yankees, "ARod" made the switch to third base, rather than supplant Derek Jeter, and settled in for a pursuit of a World Series ring.

Unform Number

#3 (1994-2003), #13 (2004-)

Quotes About

"It was always about the numbers in [Seattle and Texas] for him. And that doesn't matter here. Winning is all you're judged on here." � unnamed Yankee on Alex Rodriguez, in 2006 "He puts in the work before games and looks textbook out there. But all of a sudden the game starts, and he quits using his feet and he's fielding with a lazy lower half. That causes his arm to drop, and the ball sails on him." � Yankee coach Larry Bowa, on Alex Rodriguez's fielding problems in 2006. "If he stays healthy, I'm sure he'll have a crack at hitting 800 home runs." — Derek Jeter on Alex Rodriguez, 2007

Quotes From

"It actually reached the point of being so ridiculous that I just had to laugh. It's like if you show up at work one day with a red shirt, and I go, 'Man, that's an ugly shirt.' And the next day you wear a blue shirt, and I go, 'Man, that's an ugly shirt.' And the next day, yellow shirt, same thing. And on and on, every day. At some point you understand it's not really about the shirts. And it becomes easy to dismiss the criticism." � Alex Rodriguez, on criticism from Yankee fans

Best Season

You could just as easily choose 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002, or 2005. But in 2007, A-Rod had a monster regular season you could argue the best ever by a thirdbaseman hitting 57 homeruns.

Factoid 1

On July 21, 2006, Alex Rodriguez hit his 450th career homer, and also recorded his 2,000th career hit, with the same swing of the bat.

Factoid 2

In 2007, Alex Rodriguez became the first player in history to hit 35 or more home runs and drive in 100 or more runs in 10 consecutive seasons.


June 3, 1993: Drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 1st round (1st pick) of the 1993 amateur draft. October 30, 2000: Granted Free Agency January 26, 2001: Signed as a Free Agent with the Texas Rangers. The Rangers sent shockwaves through the sports world when they inked ARod to a 10-year, $252 million deal. February 16, 2004: Traded by the Texas Rangers with cash to the New York Yankees for Alfonso Soriano. When he was dealt to the Yanks, it was - in large part - an effort by Texas to unload the huge contract. This trade has the chance to be one of the Yankees greatest ever, or a bust. As always in New York, it will come down to whether or not ARod wins a ring and plays well in October.


Ability to drive the low pitch to all parts of the field.


No glaring weaknesses.


Home run milestones: #100 on Aug. 12, 1998, at Toronto; #200 on May 21, 2001, at Chicago; #300 on April 2, 2003, at Anaheim; and #400 on June 8, 2005, at Milwaukee.


Rodriguez is one of only two players to hit 50 doubles in a season and hit 50 homers in another season. He clubbed 50 homers in 2001 and 2002, and hit 50 doubles in 1996.

Most Game-Ending Grand Slams

Alex Rodriguez... 3 Vern Stephens... 3 Cy Williams... 3 Bob Aspromonte... 2 Albert Belle... 2 Bobby Bonds... 2 Steve Finley... 2 Ruppert Jones... 2 Ralph Kiner... 2 Davey Lopes... 2 Mark McGwire... 2 Jim Presley... 2 Nomar Garciaparra... 2 David Eckstein... 2

Most Consecutive Games with an Extra-Base Hit

14 - Paul Waner, PIT NL, 6/3/1927-6/19/1927 14 - Chipper Jones, ATL NL, 6/26/2006-7/16/2006 12 - Tip O'Neill, STL AA, 8/24/1887-9/5/1887 12 - Rogers Hornsby, BOS NL, 5/27/1928(G1)-6/9/1928(G1) 11 - Rogers Hornsby, STL NL, 8/20/1924(G1)-8/27/1924 11 - Hank Greenberg, DET AL, 9/4/1940-9/14/1940 11 - Bob Bailey, MON NL, 6/22/1970(G2)-7/12/1970 11 - Jesse Barfield, TOR AL, 8/17/1985-8/27/1985 11 - Bobby Abreu, PHI NL, 5/7/2005-5/18/2005 11 - Alex Rodriguez, NY AL, 9/29/2006-4/11/2007

A-Rod's Milestone Homers

1: Tom Gordon, Royals, June 12, 1995 50: Felipe Lira, Tigers, June 5, 1997 100: Nerio Rodriguez, Blue Jays, August 12, 1998 150: Andy Pettitte, Yankees, April 7, 2000 200: Jon Garland, White Sox, May 12, 2001 250: Luke Prokopec, Blue Jays, April 30, 2002 300: Ramon Ortiz, Angels, April 2, 2003 350: Mark Mulder, Athletics, May 4, 2004 400: Jorge de la Rosa, Brewers, June 8, 2005 450: A.J. Burnett, Blue Jays, July 21, 2006 500: Kyle Davies, Royals, August 4, 2007


From June 1 to August 30, 2006 - a stretch of 80 games - Rodriguez hit .257 with 81 strikeouts. He also committed 13 errors.

Alex Rodriguez
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