Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

2B, 3B, 1B, SS
September 27, 1949
6' 2"
195 lbs
Major League Debut:
9-12-1972 with PHI
Allstar Selections:
1976 GG, 1977 GG, 1978 GG, 1979 GG, 1980 GG, 1980 MVP, 1980 SS, 1980 WsMVP, 1981 GG, 1981 MVP, 1981 SS, 1982 GG, 1982 SS, 1983 GG, 1983 LG, 1983 SS, 1984 GG, 1984 SS, 1986 GG, 1986 MVP, 1986 SS
Hall of Fame:

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt was the personification of talent at the hot corner, possessing a combination of Eddie Mathews' power and the Gold Glove ability of Brooks Robinson. He had enough finesse to win ten Gold Gloves, and his brute strength enabled him to rack up more than 500 career home runs. He won three Most Valuable Player Awards, including back-to-back honors at his peak, and led the league in homers eight times.

Career Batting Stats
2404 8352 2234 1506 548 1595 174 .267 .527 .380 .908 130.6

Quotes From Mike Schmidt

"I love to play baseball. I never think of money once I put that uniform on and I never played a game in my life that I didn't give it 100%." — Mike Schmidt


Where does Mike Schmidt rank among baseball greats?

Mike Schmidt ranks #1 among the Top 50 all-time at 3B. Rankings ?

Best Season: 1981
Schmidt was having his best season in 1981, when the strike split the schedule. So for numbers sake, we'll pick '80, which was pretty damn good too. Schmidt won the MVP that year, belting 48 homers and driving in 121 runs - both leading the NL. He batted .286 and posted a .624 slugging percentage, also tops. He scored 104 runs and even stole 12 bases, while winning the Gold Glove. In the World Series he batted .381 with two homers and seven RBI in six games. He was at the top of his game.


Most Walk-Off Home Runs, Career
Jimmie Foxx........12
Mickey Mantle......12
Stan Musial........12
Frank Robinson.....12
Babe Ruth..........12
Tony Perez.........11
Dick Allen.........10
Harold Baines......10
Reggie Jackson.....10
Mike Schmidt.......10

A Fall from a Tree
When Mike Schmidt was seven years old he climbed a tree and found himself 30 feet in the air. He stumbled and fell toward the ground. On his way to the earth he reached out and grabbed a wire which carried 4,000 volts. He was thrown to the ground and landed on his back. Luckily, since he was wearing rubber sneakers, the voltage did not harm him too much. It exited him at his shins and was laid up for five months.


Nine Other Players Who Debuted in 1972
Dwight Evans
Buddy Bell
Mike Schmidt
Bob Boone
Gary Matthews
Davey Lopes
Goose Gossage
Rick Reuschel
Garry Maddox

Uniform Numbers
#20 (1972-1989)


Similar Players
Eddie Mathews


Related Players
Eddie Mathews, George Brett, Matt Williams, Scott Rolen


Hall of Fame Voting
Year Election Votes Pct
1995 BBWAA 444 96.5%


Post-Season Appearances
1976 National League Championship Series
1977 National League Championship Series
1978 National League Championship Series
1980 National League Championship Series
1980 World Series
1981 National League Division Playoffs
1983 National League Championship Series
1983 World Series


Awards and Honors
1976 NL Gold Glove
1977 NL Gold Glove
1978 NL Gold Glove
1979 NL Gold Glove
1980 NL Gold Glove
1980 NL MVP
1980 ML WS MVP
1981 NL Gold Glove
1981 NL MVP
1982 NL Gold Glove
1983 NL Gold Glove
1984 NL Gold Glove
1986 NL Gold Glove
1986 NL MVP


Schmidt belted four homers on April 17, 1976, against the Cubs in Wrigley Field. He collected five hits in the game and drove in eight runs.


  • April 20, 1976: 100th HR...

  • May 13, 1979: 200th HR...

  • August 14, 1981: 300th HR...

  • May 15, 1984: 400th HR...

  • April 18, 1987: 500th HR... Came against Don Robinson.

Batting Feats

  • April 17, 1976: 4 HR... Phillies won the game 18-16, overcoming an 11-run deficit... Cubs Dave Kingman blasted three homers in the loss... Runs were scored all over the league that day as the Mets won 17-1 and the Reds, 11-0... Hit his first two homers off Rick Reuschel, and the fourth off Rick's brother, Paul.

At Fairview High School in Dayton, Ohio, Mike Schmidt was the starting quarterback, linebacker, and punt returner. On the baseball team he played shortstop and batted fourth. He was the school star on the hardwood, as well.


Injuries and Explanation for Missed Playing Time
In his rookie season, 1973, Schmidt threw out his arm and missed the first three weeks of the regular season...

Hitting Streaks
17 games (1979)

Selected by Philadelphia Phillies in the 2nd round of the free-agent draft (June 8, 1971); Granted free agency (November 4, 1988); Signed by Philadelphia Phillies (December 7, 1988).

All-Star Selections
1974 NL
1976 NL
1977 NL
1979 NL
1980 NL
1981 NL
1982 NL
1983 NL
1984 NL
1986 NL
1987 NL
1989 NL

Don Money was traded to the Brewers during the 1972 off-season, to make room for Schmidt at third base. It was a bad trade for the Phillies, as Money went on to a solid career for Milwaukee, while none of the players Philadelphia received really panned out. Of course, Schmidt was more than adequate at third base, to say the least.

Replaced By
Schmidt was still the Phillies starting third baseman when he retired in the middle of the 1989 season. Charlie Hayes took his spot, but never hit more than a dozen homers in a season and was run out of town after a few years.

Best Strength as a Player
So many strengths: power, agility at third, his throwing arm. But we'll take his power above all.

Largest Weakness as a Player
I guess you could say he struck out a lot, but it didn't seem to hurt his team.

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