Al Simmons

Al Simmons

OF, 1B
Bucketfoot Al
May 22, 1902
5' 11"
190 lbs
Major League Debut:
4-15-1924 with PHA
Hall of Fame:
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  • yyourself said: Upcoming next-generation search engine: the user experience report knowledge map Editor's note: This article is from Liu Shuo Pei, deputy director of the Department of Commerce Tencent instant messaging, the following contribution is an individual point of view, do not represent the company's position, its micro-channel public number: little Q teasing you. This week IT circle only one focus - Lee High rich handsome, they not only caught the public's eye, but also attracted a large number of female fans of saliva. The acquisition of rice considered heavily waves a big wave, catechesis and silver acquired long village is caused a ripple, and publish knowledge map search function is the most gimmick waves. When it comes to mapping knowledge, it sounds familiar and a little unfamiliar. Before you may be more familiar pattern is the social graph and interest graph. This facebook and twitter are the Internet to create a new concept. Social graph refers to the relationship between socialization, interpersonal relationship online. This is based on large data mining social network marvelous chemical reaction. And this model facebook social ads and laid a solid foundation, 80% of its total revenue is derived from this form of advertising. The interest graph is the relationship between Nike Heels Boots people and things, which is wonderful relationship intertwined forms of media properties and social attributes generated, twitter is the best representative. Talking about the current knowledge maps, google is the leader in the industry. Google released in May last year to integrate a large number of open source knowledge base (mainly Wikipedia) and adding user data precipitated knowledge map search function, it does optimize the quality of search results, and give users a new point of interest criss-cross. Compare concept maps for the promotion of foreign giants, the domestic Internet pioneer also have been covered. Landing in China's social graph Needless to say, nature is Tencent, QQ circles and SOSO Waltz are attempts in this direction. QQ circle the product is cross-checking logic of relations chain endorsement by QQ nickname notes, and then through the system algorithm intelligent grouping. SOSO waltz is through news and information and star keyword matching, trying to build a chain of star news matrices, which although some gaps from the social graph, but the direction is to win customers reputation, remember the product development effort when, Tencent news the lower part of the contents page has news protagonist of social graph display, and click-through rate is very high! (Side confirms portal users are very nosy!) Interest Graph twitter respected since it is in the domestic natural Sina micro-Fair to show its mettle in the field. Sina microblogging attempt in this direction is still relatively weak, there is no microblogging most popular time to a point of interest among these friends commercialize detonated, only now in order to pull the active and application installations do primary attempt. Instead Weibo based Friends of Ali but seemingly no social scene in a business module through the large data mining to make a lot of interest map feature presentation, interested friends can search for 'Taobao data Festival.' Weibo friends recommended \u0026 amp; Applications Recommended mechanism of knowledge map of the 'semantic recognition' high technology threshold, community-based open source content to have a strong support demand, and is dependent on product form a large number of user behavior database. So even the world's most technologically google cattle was released last year, but also out. When the end of last year released the first search dog Chinese Knowledge Mapping - Cube known when the industry caused a lot of amazing eyes. From basic function point of view, Sogou grab the public demands the user's daily search - search gossip, especially stars, movies, news and other hot spots in the normal mainstream media is not easy to find the information. Such as the recent hot GJM star all-rounder, he has been ridicule height, but different opinions, the public does not know who to listen to, which has been known under cubic glance. Another example of the entertainment industry's most eye effect is a variety of scandals, after seen too many groundless accusations, Air Jordan 9 Retro many users may not know Lydia or 'Qianlong Emperor,' the ex-wife. Sogou knowledge map published in more than six months later, Baidu also launched its own knowledge map, entry point and search dogs, they are starting from the public eye. Interesting finding is that NBA players, one of the most influential (and my favorite) LeBron James's height is not actually show up? And top of Baidu know the answer to a problem, a misunderstanding of giving answers to two meters 6 is 2 meters 60, instead of the correct 06 2 meters. This detail did not do, I can only say that Baidu's product manager no big fan of the Miami Heat. Kids Shoes Gossip is not only in the present, walk up along the course of history, you can feel the magical experience brings knowledge map. (See figure below) Sogou not only gives the standard answer, and explain the reasoning stated in one sentence, and enhance the convincing and more intuitive. Congress compare Baidu high-profile release of Baidu knowledge map, it seems not yet to filter and synthesize information to make UGC concise answers. This hand with Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu Index, search Billboard's search leader, the database mining and integration is still in its infancy. Gossip and other entertainment information searches have been accounted for in the search engines is huge, so this kind of information from the start is what the people, but I believe a greater role in mapping knowledge repository based educational revolution - for the students revitalize the complex information of astronomy, geography, physics and chemistry. For example, in Sogou, enter: 3.14 or 0.618 will appear as a result of the high degree of similarity of these results will lead to the student user's curiosity, to explore the secrets behind the numbers. While most of the content is taken from Baidu Encyclopedia, and can be a key to jump to Baidu Baike inside, but Baidu knowledge map of the latest on-line is not actually show these rich. When it comes to the knowledge map can help the students studying hard, we should also look at whether parents of students also benefit. Today, food safety is the most tangled of people overseas milk can not be believed, did not dare go to the surrounding restaurants, which forced the once Nike Air Yeezy open kitchen all have families on their aprons, self-sufficiency and clothing. Follow meals with more and more white-collar workers who know how to 'only choose right, do not choose expensive.' This time the food analysis by mapping knowledge, a clear understanding of how to achieve the perfect heat supply and demand balance. Such an outcome can say intuitively specific right to do as well as other categories analyzed, very intimate user experience. In contrast Baidu knowledge map, just a weight loss Web site provides information as to show the results of Aladdin. For now two domestic search giant on mapping knowledge to try their own merits. Baidu has just been released and is missing a lot of content to complement internal platform integration, but have to know, Wikipedia, paste it the socialization database is very enviable, depending on whether the internal cross-functional collaboration can work together to cut through metal. But Sogou still have first-mover advantage, optimization experience accumulated more adequate. Plus the Sohu portal strategy matrix, video, games and other information repository for continuous transfusion may spread in the follow-up to lay the basics of cross-cutting areas. Semantic analysis point of view, Sogou troika browser and input to stock a rich user behavior data, so this is Sogou search on the user database very fit a weapon user habits. Of course, Sogou knowledge map is still long way to go: from the user experience perspective, a lot of industry is not covered, the content source is very dependent on competitors such as Baidu Encyclopedia database (in the short term, it is difficult from Baidu Encyclopedia). From a business value perspective, knowledge map results page will greatly weaken advertisers exposure, in particular the right of all billboards are replaced by 'known cube' results; in addition, this display also makes the SEO industry requires a corresponding play adjustments, or the results of the first screen page optimization basically do Air Jordan 12 not see the results of the link; then the long-term point of view, knowledge map will eventually 'transit station' model of search engines into 'Terminal', user-stop access to search results, and how to escape CPC's business model is a huge challenge! Mapping knowledge Air Jordan 18 does not fully define the next generation of search engines, but it is the leader. I remember reading in Hong Kong in 2007, a Harvard PhD and share with us what is the next generation of search engines. He cited an example: search box, enter '4X4', the Air Jordan 7 Retro result of more than just lower left, and the first results should be a Hummer. The reason is Internet users are not stupid enough not to figure this multiplication result, and the person concerned must be four-wheel high-end users, end users will certainly give him the best products. By his example reminds me of Internet users would not know apple is the apple in English, but the search is on apple users should plan to buy or ask aftermarket demands, and thus today the results of the first page of google results page left side does not describe nike dunk heels what kind of apple plant. Perhaps this is the direction of the next generation of search engines! Theme with pictures from: stateofseo Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton 9:08PM 07/21/15
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