Frank Snyder

Frank Snyder

C, 1B, SS, 2B
May 27, 1894
6' 2"
185 lbs
Major League Debut:
8-25-1912 with SLN
1912 SLN 11 18 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 7 .111 .222 .111 .333
1913 SLN 7 21 1 4 0 1 0 2 0 4 .190 .190 .286 .476
1914 SLN 100 326 19 75 15 4 1 25 13 28 .230 .273 .310 .583
1915 SLN 144 473 41 141 22 7 2 55 39 49 .298 .383 .387 .770
1916 SLN 132 406 23 105 12 4 0 39 18 31 .259 .303 .308 .611
1917 SLN 115 313 18 74 9 2 1 33 27 43 .236 .329 .288 .617
1918 SLN 39 112 5 28 7 1 0 10 6 13 .250 .304 .330 .634
1919 SLN 50 154 7 28 4 2 0 14 5 13 .182 .221 .234 .455
1919 NY1 32 92 7 21 6 0 0 11 8 9 .228 .326 .293 .620
1920 NY1 87 264 26 66 13 4 3 27 17 18 .250 .314 .364 .678
1921 NY1 108 309 36 99 13 2 8 45 27 24 .320 .421 .453 .874
1922 NY1 104 318 34 109 21 5 5 51 23 25 .343 .415 .487 .903
1923 NY1 120 402 37 103 13 6 5 63 24 29 .256 .316 .356 .672
1924 NY1 118 354 37 107 18 3 5 53 30 43 .302 .387 .412 .799
1925 NY1 107 325 21 78 9 1 11 51 20 49 .240 .305 .375 .680
1926 NY1 55 148 10 32 3 2 5 16 13 13 .216 .304 .365 .669
1927 SLN 63 194 7 50 5 0 1 30 9 18 .258 .304 .299 .603
1912 SLN 11 20 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0
1913 SLN 7 22 0 1 6 0 0 0 0 0
1914 SLN 100 355 0 15 101 1 0 0 1 0
1915 SLN 144 522 0 9 183 1 0 0 3 6
1916 SLN 132 430 0 6 125 0 0 0 7 0
1917 SLN 115 346 0 4 90 2 0 0 4 0
1918 SLN 39 120 0 2 37 0 0 0 4 0
1919 SLN 50 165 0 5 36 1 0 0 2 0
1919 NY1 32 103 0 2 27 1 0 0 1 0
1920 NY1 87 292 0 11 96 0 0 0 2 2
1921 NY1 108 344 0 4 140 4 0 0 3 4
1922 NY1 104 354 0 13 155 0 0 0 1 5
1923 NY1 120 433 0 7 143 0 0 0 5 3
1924 NY1 118 390 0 6 146 0 0 0 3 0
1925 NY1 107 350 0 4 122 1 0 0 0 0
1926 NY1 55 163 0 2 54 0 0 0 0 0
1927 SLN 63 210 0 7 58 0 0 0 0 0
1392 4229 331 1122 525 170 44 47 416 281 11 37 20
NY1 731 2212 208 615 317 96 23 42 15 14 210 162 6
SLN 661 2017 123 507 208 74 21 5 22 6 206 119 5

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Frank Snyder


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Exclusive content can really reflect the diversity of products, but for users, which is a disadvantage, exclusive content, users can easily be bundled products, such as growth and other long-time advertising content of the video before viewing. 8:37PM 08/13/15
  • yyourself said: Elaborate Tencent Internet banking (c): Tencent's investment and financing products Editor's Note: This article from Fox @ Jun raphael, played in the past in a VC miscellaneous, Google also lived in brick, now worked for a management consulting firm, sustained attention to the Internet, finance and Internet banking, welcome attention to the micro-signal fantastic_fox. I am 'Tencent financial thinking,' the midpoint Tencent strategic thinking in the financial sector, which is mainly involved in the financial pointed to two things, 'pay its own products and services' and 'to improve user stickiness' ('I have no people '\u0026 amp;' people I have had 'strategic thinking). The article also talked about Tencent area is how to implement the payment of its strategic thinking, this article will talk about how Tencent investment and financing requirements to meet the user's. Taobao shop collective investment funds on the line, the investment needs of users has been crossed out part, Tencent how to deal with it? Also mentioned earlier, although micro-channel pay now the new darling of the media, but did not give up Air Jordan 18 the treatment of Tencent TenPay - Tencent try to add more features to its finance. In fact, back Air Jordan Women in early 2012, we will be in TenPay Tencent launched a prospect of unlimited built-in applications - Finance Department. That time, the Department of Finance has just launched only fund Nike Air Yeezy parity and stock information tracking and other simple functions, provide information only and can not be online trading. Now we go back and look at this product, you will find that it has added many new features. The Department of Finance now has covered funds, stocks, insurance, three asset classes, which basically covers the zero (Cock) Sale (wire) most of the investment needs of customers. Next, I will focus on these three asset classes to expand Tencent's investment products. Money exchange fund of funds has three main functions - investor education, information analysis and online trading. Investor education can be seen as the product description the same thing. If you know nothing about finance fund, you can start understanding the basics of funds in the financial school. When you have a financial foundation, you can begin to choose the fund it. Information analysis tool provides a lot of financial exchange, view the net, read reviews of the fund rating agency, fund selection. In addition, Tencent also, and Paul fund to Air Jordan 1 launch a fund diagnostic tools from different dimensions of a fund as a foundation diagnosis. Here to tell us about Paul fund, although its name is called 'the Fund', but in fact it is not some fund companies ...... its essence and every day fund net, a good buy fund network the same, but the first to get funds consignment third party licenses. It does not manage the fund, only sell the fund. (Incidentally, Taobao has just got a fund distribution license) Of course, investors can get information by fund of fund Tencent Finance Channel. 'Fund e-point' function Air Jordan 17 under the Department of Finance to support the fund online trading, has access to 19 fund companies. Which supports TenPay payment has Boshi, the Universal Fund and China Southern Fund 3. Products direct from the fund companies, money paid through only as a payment instrument (this point and the balance of treasure pattern is the same). But the product is still not very mature, signed with the fund company to fund company's Web site still jump online account. In addition to the financial exchange of funds online trading capabilities, as well as Tencent's 'Tencent fund supermarket,' this product can also help the users online purchase funds - Balance Bao turned out and made to feel insecure. Banks are concerned about more than just the Internet industry would also like points on a piece of this market. Air Jordan 4 Retro Tencent 'I have also' thinking at this point it will be a direct result of the actions - the 'cash treasure' at this time debut, while cash treasure actually Tencent fund supermarket just a product. But cash treasure product structure and balance of treasure completely different ...... I am 'Balance Bao is how plundered Cock wire,' a paper has a detailed analysis of the balance of treasure product structure: fund company product design and management side, but also direct sales square, Paypal only as payment when users purchase the fund. The cash treasure of structure? We might compare: Well, in fact the entire Tencent fund supermarket products, and cash treasure is the same product structure: the fund company for the design and management of side products, the seller is mentioned before the congregation Paul Fund, and payment instrument is ICBC online banking and a variety of third-party payment companies (including Communications payments, YeePay, remittance world), and have had no access to the money paid through ... Tencent actually the whole trip was not involved ...... So, in fact, Tencent fund supermarket just a Shell! Its essence is dressed penguin skin ...... Paul fund cash balance Bao Bao buy nor so easy. To succeed you must register to buy Paul fund public account. And the minimum purchase amount to 1000 the ocean, and so I simply do not fit the Cock wire ah! Although Tencent began to gradually force in the field of funds, but that is unfamiliar area, 'not familiar' mentality so that Ma Ying-jeou more willing to outsource everything. Road have been heard, industry specializing in surgery thing. Insurance in the insurance field, Tencent currently involved in the 'Online Insurance agency' and 'the establishment of an insurance company shares.' Finance Department of Insurance section will jump directly to the 'money paid through the insurance supermarket (in cooperation with the public safety net).' In addition, users can also 'QQ convenience' direct line to buy insurance, the main types of insurance including auto insurance, property insurance, health and accident insurance, as well as Chinese consumers particularly like insurance - investment-linked insurance (as part of the premiums paid investment, enjoy investment income). This point and Taobao Taobao financial and insurance products cover quite the same. While Tencent shares also set up an insurance company. 'Public Safety Online' is the product of booming spin before the 'three horse selling insurance,' the event, by the end of September has just been approved by CIRC opened. Business scope mainly includes business or home property insurance directly related to Internet transactions, cargo insurance, liability insurance, credit guarantee insurance. In fact, the net sales of insurance is not very novelty, one of China's Ping An online public shareholders will be very good at network marketing insurance. This joint venture is still in the preparatory stage, then will develop into what they want us to wait and see. Tencent also inclined to cooperate with others in the insurance field, kick the tires. Equity Fund relative to equity risk is much smaller, but Tencent still cautious in perpetuity. We can envision it more dread in the stock will not before. China's stock market performed poorly over the years, in fact, Tencent investors are afraid of the negative sentiment on the stock grafted to his body. Therefore, in the field of stock and not particularly surprising initiatives. Currently Tencent layout in the stock market there are two: First, the financial exchange and cooperation Guotai Junan 'online trading', the second is to provide 'stock information analysis.' Line transaction would not say, small partners to open an account at Guotai Junan used functions. Tencent provides stock information analysis products are mainly three - Tencent stock channel, Tencent Trader and index products. Tencent stock channel is piled up all kinds of news and data products, it is a product of the old society ... Needless to say in this too. Tencent traders do, in fact, the beginning of 2012 and buy back the launch of beneficial alliance Trader stock analysis software. In addition, Tencent in May this year and economic An Jinxin jointly launched the 'Teng Value 100 Index.' A Share Index as the first Internet media release only really attract a lot of people's eyes. Then maybe there will be fund launched it as the subject matter of index funds. Finally, part of the investment to be a small Nike Lunar Haze sum: Tencent layout is easy to find in the area of ​​investment has two characteristics: 'outside help' and 'multi-pronged approach.' The green part is Tencent 'outside help' (co-develop or acquire from) business. 'Not familiar' but 'had to do' when outsourcing part of the business lines within and develop players or in fact, very mature approach. And part of the business such as the purchase fund / insurance products online, Tencent 'multi-pronged' - have more than one product to meet the needs of users. This is in fact largely determined by Tencent internal competition decisions. Tencent internal to do the project, is to rely on resources robbed. So sometimes there will be a number of similar products at the same time operations, which rob get enough resources can successfully survive. Of course, there are some reasons of their own strategic considerations, 'outside help' build a platform, after all, a wedding dress for others, so the acquisition of experience after a self is a natural thing. Financing Ma Ying-jeou said in March that 'Microfinance license under consideration,' but consider several months Tencent small loans have been slow out. Ali saw two small loan company in Air Jordan 6 2012 earned more than seventy million still tempted, or rather anyone, Ma Ying-jeou - Ma have opened a third small loans companies. But the little fellow on electronic business platform Tencent financing needs can not just put it that way regardless. Ever since, this year will clap nets and CITIC Bank to launch 'Live small short-term credit' financing products online, pat net sellers meet temporary cash flow, order financing needs. It is also walking Ma 07 years old - Alibaba cooperation with ICBC CCB supply chain financial services to small and medium micro electricity supplier. But whatever the outcome Tencent 'I have also had' the. Finally, a picture to summarize Tencent layout in the financial sector it: Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton 9:24PM 07/21/15
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