Rusty Staub

Rusty Staub

1B, OF, RF, CF, LF, DH
Le Grand Orange
April 1, 1944
6' 2"
190 lbs
Major League Debut:
4-09-1963 with HOU
1963 HOU 150 513 43 115 17 4 6 45 59 58 .224 .349 .308 .657
1964 HOU 89 292 26 63 10 2 8 35 21 31 .216 .298 .346 .644
1965 HOU 131 410 43 105 20 1 14 63 52 57 .256 .388 .412 .800
1966 HOU 153 554 60 155 28 3 13 81 58 61 .280 .386 .412 .798
1967 HOU 149 546 71 182 44 1 10 74 60 47 .333 .449 .473 .921
1968 HOU 161 591 54 172 37 1 6 72 73 57 .291 .426 .387 .814
1969 MON 158 549 89 166 26 5 29 79 110 61 .302 .519 .526 1.046
1970 MON 160 569 98 156 23 7 30 94 112 93 .274 .476 .497 .974
1971 MON 162 599 94 186 34 6 19 97 74 42 .311 .449 .482 .932
1972 NYN 66 239 32 70 11 0 9 38 31 13 .293 .431 .452 .883
1973 NYN 152 585 77 163 36 1 15 76 74 52 .279 .410 .421 .831
1974 NYN 151 561 65 145 22 2 19 78 77 39 .258 .401 .406 .807
1975 NYN 155 574 93 162 30 4 19 105 77 55 .282 .432 .448 .880
1976 DET 161 589 73 176 28 3 15 96 83 49 .299 .452 .433 .885
1977 DET 158 623 84 173 34 3 22 101 59 47 .278 .374 .448 .822
1978 DET 162 642 75 175 30 1 24 121 76 35 .273 .396 .435 .830
1979 DET 68 246 32 58 12 1 9 40 32 18 .236 .386 .402 .789
1979 MON 38 86 9 23 3 0 3 14 14 10 .267 .430 .407 .837
1980 TEX 109 340 42 102 23 2 9 55 39 18 .300 .421 .459 .879
1981 NYN 70 161 9 51 9 0 5 21 22 12 .317 .460 .466 .925
1982 NYN 112 219 11 53 9 0 3 27 24 10 .242 .352 .324 .676
1983 NYN 104 115 5 34 6 0 3 28 14 10 .296 .426 .426 .852
1984 NYN 78 72 2 19 4 0 1 18 4 9 .264 .319 .361 .681
1985 NYN 54 45 2 12 3 0 1 8 10 4 .267 .489 .400 .889
1985 NYN 54 55 0 0 18 0 3 1 0 0
1981 NYN 70 186 2 0 75 1 3 6 1 0
1964 HOU 89 320 4 0 101 3 4 6 1 1
1983 NYN 104 132 2 0 49 1 3 4 0 0
1979 MON 38 101 1 0 35 0 3 3 0 0
1984 NYN 78 79 3 0 26 0 3 1 0 0
1976 DET 161 690 11 0 255 7 11 23 3 1
1980 TEX 109 388 6 1 156 2 3 16 1 1
1972 NYN 66 278 5 1 108 2 7 5 0 1
1973 NYN 152 666 3 1 246 3 10 16 1 1
1982 NYN 112 250 6 1 71 0 1 10 0 0
1974 NYN 151 649 7 1 228 3 12 21 2 1
1965 HOU 131 470 5 1 169 2 5 17 3 0
1979 DET 68 288 4 1 99 5 1 9 1 0
1975 NYN 155 670 9 1 257 9 14 18 2 0
1977 DET 158 695 10 2 279 1 4 27 1 1
1978 DET 162 734 11 2 279 3 5 24 3 1
1971 MON 162 690 5 3 289 9 13 21 9 5
1969 MON 158 673 1 4 289 9 11 13 3 4
1963 HOU 150 585 2 6 158 5 8 10 0 0
1967 HOU 149 621 6 6 258 3 21 15 0 4
1968 HOU 161 682 4 7 229 7 24 11 2 0
1966 HOU 153 628 8 7 228 1 13 13 2 1
1970 MON 160 699 4 11 283 3 11 7 12 11
2951 9720 1189 2716 1466 499 47 292 888 1255 79 47 33
DET 549 2100 264 582 358 104 8 70 8 3 149 250 16
HOU 833 2906 297 792 370 156 12 57 8 6 311 323 21
MON 518 1803 290 531 284 86 18 81 24 20 206 310 21
NYN 942 2571 296 709 399 130 7 75 6 3 204 333 19
TEX 109 340 42 102 55 23 2 9 1 1 18 39 2

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Rusty Staub


  • yyourself said: Why your Android phone is always more you use, the slower? text / À evening according to third-party survey data show that 77% of the Android mobile phone users admit dogged affect the phone slow, Baidu search 'Android + card slow', there are over 4.6 million results. In the industry, Android phone has always had 'the more you use the more slow' reputation, this phenomenon is even beyond the hardware category - a lot of high-end Android phones on the hardware parameters are superior to the same generation iPhone, but they will still be in use for six months to a After years into the 'less smooth' state - this is Kids Nike Trainers a troubling thing. However, if you want to answer this question, we need to be traced back to the last century, to find the origins of smart phones. Western history and fantasy literature is very keen on the expression 'blood' setting, its traditional culture that the blood can determine talent and leads to philosophical thinking 'if fate is doomed,' the. For example, they are more familiar with the 'Harry Potter' series, after deconstruction is not difficult to find, which is actually a story of fight history Gryffindor and Slytherin and descendant of two lineages (Harry Potter Gryffindor descendants inherited the courage, Voldemort Slytherin descendants of its own ambitions), and ubiquitous prophecy (a eventually kill another), but also carry the usual Western fatalism Complex. To the technology industry, 'origin' is replaced by the definition of 'gene', a company what kind of genes determines its areas of expertise, this evaluation has been widely accepted as unique idealist philosophy materialistic age, and withstood the fact that the test - when we tried to explain Microsoft lost on the Internet, Google defeated in the social network, Baidu stop at the reason e-commerce, will be heartfelt emotion 'as early as in the original script had been written many years ago.' Similarly, why 'card slow' problem Android phone is always to be more serious than the iPhone, it's the answer from the outset doomed. In 1965, Bell Labs, General Electric and MIT can begin to develop a balance between ease of use and powerful nature of the operating system, after six years of collaboration, a software engineer Ken Thompson at Bell Labs completed during the vacation system called Unix written, and eventually became the parent company of Bell Labs, US telecommunications giant AT \u0026 amp; T's commercial products, and launched a decades-long copyright works. Although it has many variants, but in the strict sense, Unix is ​​not an open source operating system. In 1991, a Finnish college student, is also a computer hacker Linus Torvalds, he is fascinated to Unix, but can not afford the required workstations running Unix, so he tries to own the same programmatically write operation called for Linux system, and the father of free software Richard Stallman under the spirit of inspiration, the Linux added to the Free Software Foundation among (FSF), to allow everyone to use, copy, modify Air Jordan 6 and even sell Linux systems, and to assume the obligations of open source, to ban the Linux closure of attempts. The reason for such a big fuss is about Unix and Linux operating systems story because iOS and Android, it is based on Unix and Linux were derived out of work. That is, two features of Unix and Linux, iPhone and Android phones caused a huge difference in the use of experience. Jobs had invited Linux founder Linus Torvalds to work Apple to abandon open-source Linux, assisting the development of Mac OS enclosed Mach kernel, the latter after an argument with Jobs expressly rejected. Mac OS starting from privatization will be the operating system of Apple as a business strategy, with the words of Steve Jobs, he is put into the iPhone iOS in the box, and then sold to users. So, iPhone reason why the situation does not appear 'the more you use the card,' is because of Apple's phone has its highest administrative privileges from hardware to software, in a closed environment, the application can not call from a third party bear the limits of instruction over iPhone, naturally can not create sustainable systems damage. In contrast Android phones, because the open source open conditions, Google can not be constrained from the code that port third-party applications, at the same time, because the Linux kernel configuration applied when retrieval system function must get ROOT privileges, which also led to a large number of applications because single-function implementation requirements and the level of access to the entire ROOT dominated Android phone can read or write in any storage location, this high degree of freedom is tantamount to opening a Pandora's box, so malicious App Android phone can not advance fortification. It is also controversial open-source software, and in commercial areas was inconsistent reasons: it concerned whether the user is granted freedom - including the freedom to go beyond the boundaries of freedom - and not from the worst starting point to consider how to avoid being the risk of abuse. Although Google as a giant chain has been trying to unified management, but when this chain increasingly large, even Google can only play the role of one of the time, Android's out of control also reasonable. For example, the latest version of Android usually takes more than a year and a half, to make it active Android phones accounted for more than 50%, but iOS 7 only two months, more than half of the iPhone let all been updated. In addition, an application out of the penalty if Apple App Store, and it can no longer be attached to any one of the legitimate iPhone inside, but if an application is Google expelled from Google Play, Air Jordan 9 Retro but it still can log on Various third-party application market, provide normal download and install. So, Android is such a natural short board, but Air Jordan 1 also spawned a 'mobile tuning' of the market, and brought Air Jordan 3 Retro about a new industrial chain. 'Mobile tuning' of the first stage, is that the system layer. In Android L planning Android 4.4 and later, the operation mode of the application it replaced by the Dalvik ART, its simplicity is 'pre-compiled' effect, that is, when an application is first installed when Android, its byte code had been compiled into native machine code, start-up and implementation of follow-up time is reduced when the application is run. According to Google's own published results in different performance tests App, the average enhance the rate of speed comparison ART Dalvik reached 80% in some projects, ART enhance the rate even more than the 1.5 times, the result can be described as very gratifying . This is the Android Google hopes to solve the problem from the source card slow efforts, but this is just to have a role in performance optimization, the problem can not be solved because the application calls the resource violation arising. Also, because when you install the application of the 'pre-compiled' the entire installation time will be longer, after installation generated files become large, such as the latest Google+ installation package is only 6.9M, but after it is installed APK size reached 28.3M, which Android phone storage space and take up too much of a problem. 'Mobile tuning' in the second stage, that the ROM layer. As the world's largest Android market, many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have to develop a dedicated ROM for the sale of products to add luster, most of the ROM, will also be considered to optimize the system for Android, such as MIUI V6 has stated that 'the introduction of a variety of Linux kernel memory optimization technology to improve operational efficiency applications. ' That is, Google do things like, ROM vendor major optimization work, but also for Linux knife, marked with various patches to the underlying language can be better adapted to a variety of mobile terminals. Or in MIUI V6, for example, in the introduction of new features, it that there is a: 'ZRAM scheduling optimization technology', in fact, is the Linux kernel ZARM a memory module, the role is to draw out a section in memory acts as a virtual disk, to carry the Linux swap partition, will accommodate some of the tasks compressed into that memory usage increase, so the CPU to memory services (as the current surplus smartphone universal CPU, and memory is the bottleneck). However, ROM is a double edged sword, it is for Android modify Nike Lunar Haze the underlying system, and it is for memory space occupied, but also have an increased risk of cell phone load. 'Mobile tuning' of the third stage, that the application layer. Place in a large number of applications the phone accidental or intentional seizure event, it is caused by Android phones more and slow the core reason. Too many applications are keen to remain in Air Jordan 5 Retro the memory space, as well as a large number of debris left in the storage space, the culprit is trouble. This is why immediate cleanup type applications to Android phones becoming standard; Android system has seven types of processes are foreground processes, visible process, the main service, secondary services, background processes, content provider node, empty process, is not installed clean up type applications when an Android phone can only rely on the system default allocation mechanism to automatically adjust memory usage, as long as the application requests, most will be open as long as the process remains in memory of them, which was originally to allow users When re-activate these processes do not need to reload the original intention of saving time considerations, but Android does not expect fierce competition in the market will be driven by the application have a 'bad money drives out good money' trend, many developers for commercial purposes, do not need to be retained in the case of memory also find ways to make the application remains a potential running, one of the two said okay, but once more numerous, Anrdoid phone will frequently Caton and fever. In the world's largest Android phone users to clean up type applications 'Cheetah clean-master' for example, the type of its cleanup process, mainly on background processes, secondary service, content nodes and empty process: background process (Hidden) - The cheetah is the top priority is to clean up scanned and recognized master of the process, because most Android users will not use the application when switching back key to exit, but directly press the Home key, the former will apply to Nike Shoes enter the empty process (occupancy resources are relatively small), which will be retained as a background process (relatively larger footprint), especially when the games category App runs in the background, it will compete for resources with other App, and does not care that money is App not the user is using. According cheetah clean up master statistics, about 20% of the Common App also without running back to start networking, mainly Submit Product and user information, access to advertising, query whether the upgrade; secondary service (Secondary Server) - - For example, some enterprise suite, mail contacts, touch interface, many of these processes are the system comes with, some users will use, but some users may not use or have alternative applications, so the cheetah cleanup Masters The cleanup logic is to establish (divided into two categories recommend cleaning and depth cleanup) based on user behavior and authorization; content provider node (Content Provider) - This part of the process there is no program entity, just providing content to other applications, such as calendar supply node, mail supply nodes, etc., in addition to the memory resources, it also consumes network, it will also create an unnecessary burden to Android phones; empty process (Empty) - if it is through the back key to exit the application, the majority of Applications will be left in the Android phone's memory in an empty process that no data run, but history will record applications, almost no value, again, this part of the process to clean up content is a cheetah kill the master priority is also very high. In addition to excessive consumption of memory, Android phone is also easy to accumulate a lot of redundant data in storage, including the inability to uninstall the pre-installed applications, cache files, and use the remaining applications generated after unloading process, because Android itself does not provide management tools, even after the phone is connected to the computer the same as Windows file tree Jiabao, the user is difficult to independently determine which folders can be deleted, which folder is the prerequisite, would eventually cause the phone size space Yulai The more narrow circumstances. 'Mobile tuning' of the problem, they might bring back to increase the burden on the user's operation, the psychological pressure and even to conduct pressure, playing with the phone also did not forget to use Gesanchaiwu Cleanup feature, which compared with the iPhone 'distinctive' operating habits, but also Android phones always like reason a semi-finished or engineering machine. 9:08PM 07/21/15
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