Mo Vaughn

Mo Vaughn

1B, DH, CF
Hit Dog
December 15, 1967
6' 1"
225 lbs
Major League Debut:
6-27-1991 with BOS
Allstar Selections:
1995 MVP, 1995 SS
1991 BOS 74 219 21 57 12 0 4 32 26 43 .260 .388 .370 .758
1992 BOS 113 355 42 83 16 2 13 57 47 67 .234 .375 .400 .775
1993 BOS 152 539 86 160 34 1 29 101 79 130 .297 .458 .525 .983
1994 BOS 111 394 65 122 25 1 26 82 57 112 .310 .480 .576 1.056
1995 BOS 140 550 98 165 28 3 39 126 68 150 .300 .449 .575 1.024
1996 BOS 161 635 118 207 29 1 44 143 95 154 .326 .498 .583 1.080
1997 BOS 141 527 91 166 24 0 35 96 86 154 .315 .501 .560 1.061
1998 BOS 154 609 107 205 31 2 40 115 61 144 .337 .450 .591 1.041
1999 ANA 139 524 63 147 20 0 33 108 54 127 .281 .405 .508 .912
2000 ANA 161 614 93 167 31 0 36 117 79 181 .272 .423 .498 .922
2002 NYN 139 487 67 126 18 0 26 72 59 145 .259 .400 .456 .856
2003 NYN 27 79 10 15 2 0 3 15 14 22 .190 .392 .329 .722
1991 BOS 74 251 4 0 81 2 2 7 2 1
1992 BOS 113 408 3 0 142 3 7 8 3 3
1993 BOS 152 633 7 0 283 8 23 14 4 3
1994 BOS 111 463 2 0 227 10 20 7 4 4
1995 BOS 140 636 4 0 316 14 17 17 11 4
1996 BOS 161 752 8 0 370 14 19 17 2 0
1997 BOS 141 628 3 0 295 12 17 10 2 2
1998 BOS 154 681 3 0 360 8 13 13 0 0
1999 ANA 139 592 3 0 266 11 7 11 0 0
2000 ANA 161 712 5 0 306 14 11 14 2 0
2002 NYN 139 558 2 0 222 10 6 15 0 1
2003 NYN 27 96 1 0 26 2 2 2 0 0
1512 5532 861 1620 1064 270 10 328 1429 725 108 30 18
ANA 300 1138 156 314 225 51 0 69 2 0 308 133 25
BOS 1046 3828 628 1165 752 199 10 230 28 17 954 519 71
NYN 166 566 77 141 87 20 0 29 0 1 167 73 12
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