Billy O'BrienBR4, KCU, SPU, WS81B, 2B, 3B, OF, P
Bob O'BrienLANP
Buck O'BrienBOS, CHAP
Charlie O'BrienANA, ATL, CHA, ML4, MON, NYN, OAK, TORC
Dan O'BrienSLNP
Darby O'BrienBR3, BRO, NY41B, 3B, OF, P, SS
Darby O'BrienBS2, CL3, CL4, CLPOF, P
Dink O'BrienPHIC
Eddie O'BrienPIT2B, 3B, CF, LF, OF, P, RF, SS
George O'BrienSLAC
Jack O'BrienBL2, BR3, PH41B, 2B, 3B, C, OF, SS
Jack O'BrienBOS, CLE, WS1, WSN2B, 3B, OF, SS
Jerry O'BrienWS82B
John O'BrienBLUOF
John O'BrienBLN, BRO, CHN, LS3, PIT, WSN1B, 2B
Johnny O'BrienML1, PIT, SLN2B, P, SS
Pete O'BrienCHN2B
Pete O'BrienCIN, CLE, SLA, WS12B, 3B, SS
Pete O'BrienCLE, SEA, TEX1B, DH, LF, OF, RF
Ray O'BrienPITOF
Syd O'BrienBOS, CAL, CHA, ML41B, 2B, 3B, OF, RF, SS
Tom O'BrienBL2, BSU, NY4, RC2, WOR1B, 2B, 3B, C, OF, P
Tom O'BrienBLN, NY1, PIT1B, 2B, 3B, OF, SS
Tommy O'BrienBOS, PIT, WS13B, OF
Danny O'ConnellML1, NY1, PIT, SFN, WS21B, 2B, 3B, SS
Jimmy O'ConnellNY11B, 2B, OF
John O'ConnellBL3, DET1B, 2B, OF, SS
John O'ConnellPITC
Pat O'ConnellBL21B, OF, P
Andy O'ConnorNYAP
Brian O'ConnorPITP
Dan O'ConnorLS21B
Frank O'ConnorPHIP
Jack O'ConnorCL4, CL6, CN2, NYA, PIT, SLA, SLN1B, 2B, 3B, C, OF, SS
Jack O'ConnorBAL, MIN, MONP
Johnny O'ConnorCHNC
Paddy O'ConnorNYA, PIT, PTF, SLN3B, C
Mike O'ConnorWASP
Hank O'DayNY1, NYP, PT1, TL1, WS81B, 3B, OF, P, SS
Darren O'DayLAA, NYN, TEXP
Paul O'DeaCLE1B, OF, P
Billy O'DellATL, BAL, ML1, PIT, SFN1B, P
George O'DonnellPITP
Harry O'DonnellPHIC
John O'DonnellPHUC
John O'DonoghueBAL, CLE, KC1, ML4, MON, SE1P
John O'DonoghueBALP
Lefty O'DoulBOS, BRO, NY1, NYA, PHIOF, P
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June 30

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  • 1986

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  • 1979

    On June 30, 1979, the fledgling Inter-American League folds ...

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