Harry MacphersonBSNP
Scott MacRaeCINP
Matt MacriMIN1B, 2B, 3B
Jimmy MacullarBL2, CN2, SR12B, 3B, OF, P, SS
Keith MacwhorterBOSP
Bunny MaddenBOS, PHIC
Frank MaddenPTFC
Gene Madden
Kid MaddenBL3, BS2, BSN, BSPOF, P, SS
Len MaddenCHNP
Mike MaddenHOUP
Morris MaddenDET, PITP
Tommy MaddenBSNOF
Clarence MaddernCHN, CLE1B, OF
Elliott MaddoxBAL, DET, NYA, NYN, TEX, WS21B, 2B, 3B, CF, DH, LF, OF, RF, SS
Garry MaddoxPHI, SFNCF, LF, OF, RF
Jerry MaddoxATL3B
Nick MaddoxPITP
Greg MadduxATL, CHN, LAN, SDNP
Tony MadiganWS8OF, P
Art MadisonPHI, PIT2B, 3B, SS
Dave MadisonDET, NYA, SLAP
Scotti MadisonCIN, DET, KCA1B, 3B, C, DH, LF, OF, RF
Ed MadjeskiCHA, NY1, PHAC
Bill MadlockCHN, DET, LAN, PIT, SFN, TEX1B, 2B, 3B, DH
Alex MadridML4, PHIP
Sal MadridCHNSS
Warner MadrigalTEXP
Bobby MadritschSEAP
Ryan MadsonPHIP
Calvin MaduroBAL, PHIP
Hector MaestriWS1, WS2P
Dave MagadanCHN, FLO, HOU, NYN, OAK, SDN, SEA1B, 2B, 3B, DH, SS
Ever MagallanesCLESS
Bill MageeLS3, NY1, PHI, SLN, WSNP
Lee MageeBRF, BRO, CHN, CIN, NYA, SLA, SLN1B, 2B, 3B, OF, SS
Sherry MageeBSN, CIN, PHI1B, 2B, 3B, OF, SS
Wendell MageeDET, PHICF, DH, LF, OF, RF
Harl MaggertPHA, PITOF
Harl MaggertBSN3B, OF
Sal MaglieBRO, CLE, NY1, NYA, SLNP
Mike MagnanteANA, HOU, KCA, OAKP
John MagnerCN1OF
Stubby MagnerNYA2B, SS
Jim MagnusonCHA, NYAP
George MagoonBLN, BRO, CHA, CHN, CIN2B, 3B, SS
Joe MagraneCAL, CHA, SLNP
Tom MagrannCLEC
Pete MagriniBOSP
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July 30

  • 2006

    On July 30, 2006, the largest Induction Class in Hall of Fam ...

  • 1990

    On July 30, 1990, Commissioner Fay Vincent places New York Y ...

  • 1987

    On July 30, 1987, the Cleveland Indians trade future Hall of ...

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