Dave CampbellATLP
Gilly CampbellBRO, CHN, CIN1B, C, OF
Hugh CampbellELI2B, OF, P, SS
Hutch CampbellPITSS
Jim CampbellHOUC
Jim Campbell
Jim CampbellKCAP
Joe CampbellCHNOF, RF
John CampbellWS1P
Kevin CampbellMIN, OAKP
Mike CampbellELI1B, OF, SS
Mike CampbellCHN, SDN, SEA, TEXP
Paul CampbellBOS, DET1B, OF
Ron CampbellCHN2B, 3B, SS
Sam CampbellPH42B
Soup CampbellCLEOF
Vin CampbellBSN, IND, NEW, PITOF
Brett CampbellWASP
Cardell CamperCLEP
Sal CampfieldNY1P
Jorge CampilloATL, SEAP
Sal CampisiMIN, SLNP
Frank CamposWS1OF
Sil CampusanoPHI, TORCF, DH, LF, OF, RF
George CanaleML41B, DH
Willie CanateTORCF, DH, LF, OF, RF
Hugh CanavanBSNOF, P
Jim CanavanBRO, CHN, CIN, CN3, ML31B, 2B, 3B, OF, SS
Robinson CancelMIL, NYNC
Casey CandaeleCLE, HOU, MON1B, 2B, 3B, CF, DH, LF, OF, RF, SS
John CandelariaCAL, LAN, MIN, MON, NYA, NYN, PIT, TORP
Milo CandiniPHI, WS1P
Tom CandiottiCLE, LAN, ML4, OAK, TORP
John CaneiraCALP
John CangelosiCHA, COL, FLO, HOU, NYN, PIT, TEXCF, DH, LF, OF, P, RF
Barbaro CanizaresATL1B
Jay CanizaroMIN, SFN2B, 3B, DH, SS
Rip CannellBSNOF
Andy CannizaroNYA, TBA2B, 3B, SS
Chris CannizzaroCHN, LAN, NYN, PIT, SDN, SLNC, OF, RF
Joe CannonHOU, TORCF, DH, LF, OF, RF
Jose CanoHOUP
Robinson CanoNYA2B, DH
Ozzie CansecoOAK, SLNDH, LF, OF, RF
Guy CantrellBRO, DET, PHAP
Jorge CantuCIN, FLO, TBA, TEX1B, 2B, 3B, DH, SS
Ben CantwellBRO, BSN, NY1P
Mike CantwellNYA, PHIP
Tom CantwellCINP
This day in baseball history

August 20

  • 1974

    On August 20, 1974, Nolan Ryan fans 19 Tigers in an 11-innin ...

  • 1967

    On August 20, 1967, Kansas City A’s owner Charlie Finley f ...

  • 1964

    On August 20, 1964, New York Yankees infielder Phil Linz bec ...

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