Whitey AlpermanBRO2B, 3B, OF, SS
Dell AlstonCLE, NYA, OAK1B, CF, DH, LF, OF, RF
Garvin AlstonCOLP
Tom AlstonSLN1B
Walter AlstonSLN1B
Porfi AltamiranoCHN, PHIP
Ernie AltenDETP
Jesse AltenburgPITOF
Dave AltizerCHA, CIN, CLE, WS11B, 2B, 3B, OF, SS
George AltmanCHN, NYN, SLN1B, CF, LF, OF, RF
Joe AltobelliCLE, MIN1B, CF, LF, OF, RF
Nick AltrockBOS, CHA, LS3, WS11B, OF, P
George AlusikDET, KC11B, CF, LF, OF, RF
Luis AlvaradoBOS, CHA, CLE, DET, NYN, SLN2B, 3B, DH, SS
Clemente AlvarezPHIC
Gabe AlvarezDET, SDN3B, DH, LF, OF, RF
Jose AlvarezATLP
Juan AlvarezANA, FLO, TEXP
Orlando AlvarezCAL, LANDH, LF, OF
Ossie AlvarezWS12B, 3B, SS
Rogelio AlvarezCIN1B
Tavo AlvarezMONP
Wilson AlvarezCHA, LAN, SFN, TBA, TEXP
Max AlvisCLE, ML43B, SS
Billy AlvordCL4, KC2, SL5, TL2, WS92B, 3B, SS
Brant AlyeaMIN, OAK, SLN, WS21B, LF, OF, RF
Joey AmalfitanoCHN, HOU, NY1, SFN1B, 2B, 3B, LF, OF, SS
Rich AmaralBAL, SEA1B, 2B, 3B, CF, DH, LF, OF, RF, SS
Ruben AmaroCAL, NYA, PHI, SLN1B, 2B, 3B, LF, OF, SS
Ruben AmaroCAL, CLE, PHI1B, 2B, CF, DH, LF, OF, RF
Wayne AmblerPHA2B, SS
Ed AmelungLANCF, LF, OF, RF
Doc AmoleBLN, WSNP
Vicente AmorCHN, CINP
Sandy AmorosBRO, DET, LANCF, LF, OF, RF
Walter AnckerPHAP
Larry AndersenBOS, CLE, HOU, PHI, SDN, SEAP
Alf AndersonPITSS
Allan AndersonMINP
Andy AndersonSLA1B, 2B, 3B, SS
Bill AndersonBSNP
Bob AndersonCHN, DETP
Brady AndersonBAL, BOS, CLECF, DH, LF, OF, RF
Brian AndersonARI, CAL, CLE, KCADH, P
Bud AndersonCLEP
Craig AndersonNYN, SLNP
Dave AndersonPHI, PITP
Dave AndersonLAN, SFN1B, 2B, 3B, SS
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  • 1978

    On May 5, 1978, Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds collects th ...

  • 1977

    On May 5, 1977, fans at Yankee Stadium throw dozens of newly ...

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