This is a key year for baseball, as National League players were being sold and moved from one franchise to another with reckless abandon. Browns owner Chris Von der Ahe saw a moneymaking opportunity and sold some of his best players, believing player/manager Charlie Comiskey could develop younger, cheaper talent and win anyway.

Among the players sold were outfielder Curt Welch, who was sent to Philadelphia for $5,000. Von der Ahe sold a trio of veterans, including pitchers Dave Foutz and Bobby Caruthers, to Brooklyn for $10,000 each.

The plan did not go over well with Comiskey, but he remained with the club. Luckily, Comiskey's skill at managing turned out to be as good as Von Der Ahe hoped, and he used a roster filled with pickups to again win the American Association title, the fourth

in a row.

Silver King went 45-20 with an ERA of 1.63 in the last of the Browns' championship seasons. Outfielder Tommy McCarthy, who had played sparingly for Boston and Philadelphia in the National League the three previous seasons, joined the Browns and

batted .274 while stealing 93 bases.

The Browns went 92-43, their third straight year with at least 90 wins, but lost the World Series to the New York Giants, six games to four, in an exciting and very profitable series.

By Kent McDill
Charlie Comiskey, Chris von der Ahe, Curt Welch, Dave Foutz, Silver King, Tommy McCarthy


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