Pittsburgh would be a stronger team in 1905, although with the Giants in the middle of their incredible run, could muster up no better than a second place finish.

The Deacon returned to the forefront as Phillippe again won 20 games finishing with a wonderful comeback season of 22-13-2.19.  Leever again would finish strong with a 19-6 mark.

The Pirates picked up two players in an effort to bolster their offense.  Rookie first baseman Del Howard came from the Phillies for Moose McCormick, who the Bucs got from the Reds for starting right fielder Jimmy Sebring, Otto Kruger and Kitty Bransfield,  and third baseman Dave Brain from the Reds for George McBride. Howard had a strong season hitting .292 with 63 RBI’s, second on the team, while Brain would take over the starting spot at third hitting .257 and had the rare distinction of hitting three triples in a game against the Pirates on May 29th and three for them on August 8th, the only man in major league history to perform such a feat.

When fans complain about the violence at ball parks today, one only needs to look at some of the happenings in 1905, to see just how far along we’ve come and just how bad fan and player violence as well as gambling were in the early part of the century.  On May 19th, skipper Fred Clarke and Giants manager John McGraw would get into a fight after which McGraw would hunt down Pirates owner Barney Dreyfuss shouting taunts at him claiming because NL boss Harry Pulliam used to work for him, that he now had control over the umpires.


Imagine Dusty Baker hunting down Kevin McClatchy.  Right fielder Otto Clymer would have a pop bottle tossed at him at the Polo Grounds in New York while chasing down a fly.  Honus Wagner threw a ball at umpire George Bausewine, during a loss to the Giants after being thrown out at first.  Rookie Hall of Fame umpire Bill Klem has garbage tossed at him after throwing out two Giants at the Polo Grounds in an 8-5 Pirate victory before having to literally run for his life after fining three Bucs for taunting him in a game at Pittsburgh on August 9th.  The Pirates were heavily favored in the game against Boston and lost 5-3.  Apparently the Gamblers who bet heavily were not amused at Klem fining the players and searched him out after the game unsuccessfully.  Klem had taken residence in the ladies bathroom in hiding.

I guess kicking dirt on the plate is not so bad after all.

By Pirates Encyclopedia
Barney Dreyfuss, Dave Brain, Deacon Phillippe, Del Howard, Fred Clarke, Honus Wagner, Jimmy Sebring, Kitty Bransfield, Moose McCormick, Sam Leever
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