The team improved to 88-63, but a far off second to the Giants who won their third-straight pennant with 101 wins. The Phillies played the first game at the newly opened Ebbetts Field in Brooklyn, beating the Robins 1-0 on Tom Seaton’s shutout. Seaton repeated the 1-0 win at Ebbetts Field eight days later. The next day the Phillies’ Ad Brennan threw another 1-0 win at the Robins, followed by a 2-1 Erskine Mayer win. Brooklyn fans wondered if their new ballpark was jinxed. Brooklyn was called the Robins in a nod to their new manager, Wilbert Robinson.

Eppa Rixey’s first start was a 6-0 win against Pittsburgh on May 10. Pete Alexander did not pitch for the first two weeks of the season, but seemed in good enough health when he pitched 11 shutout innings against the Giants on April 24, then beat the Giants’ Jeff Tesreau 1-0 a week later. 

Power hitting showed up in the Phillies’ lineup as they led the league with 73 homeruns – Gavvy Cravath hit .34l with 128 RBIs, and led the homerun barrage with 19, Fred Luderus had 18, Sherry Magee, 11, and Beals Becker, 9. Becker was a left handed hitter who found playing time in the outfield against certain right handed pitchers. A weakness against left handed pitchers limited his plate appearances. Alexander was back on track with nine shutouts and a 22-8 won-loss record. Tom Seaton was terrific with a 27-12 record, five shutouts, and a league leading 168 strikeouts.

1913 was the year the New York Highlanders became the New York Yankees; they finished 7th under new manager Frank Chance. 

A new league, to be called the Federal League was cooking as 1913 boiled to an end with another Philadelphia – New York World’s Series. The Giants won only one game, on a Christy Mathewson shutout, but were checked by the A’s Chief Bender, Joe Bush, and Eddie Plank. Frank Baker homered in game one. Fred Merkle’s 3-run homer off Chief Bender was not enough to prevent a 6-5 loss.

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