After 13 very successful campaigns following the turn of the century, the wear and tear of losing or the aging top-notch talent, seemed to be beginning to take its toll.  Although the Pirates finished in the first division once again, their 78-71 record was a far cry from the record setting seasons they enjoyed not so long ago.

The oft injured Honus Wagner was now definitely on the down side of his career, and after being as high as .330 as late as June, would tumble way down by seasons end, just barely maintaining a .300 average finishing at .300 right on the dot.  32-year old catcher George Gibson broke his ankle and had to be replaced by Mike Simon. 

Two other veterans of the glory days, Bobby Byrne, who came to the Bucs in 1909 and stabilized their weakest position at third base and Howie Camnitz, former superstar workhorse of one of the greatest staffs in baseball in the past decade and had fallen to 6-17 in 1913, were sent to the Phillies for Cozy Dolan and cash.  Dolan hit only .203 in 35 games with the Pirates before being sent off to St  Louis the following season while Byrne spent 3 ½ seasons in Philadelphia, helping them to the NL crown in 1915, while Camnitz was 3-3 in the remainder of the season for the Phils before jumping to the Pittsburgh Rebels of the Federal League in 1914.  It was yet another instance of getting virtually nothing for one of their former stars.

Jimmy Viox would be a positive as he hit .317, third in the league, while taking over the starting spot at second in his official rookie season.

While Babe Adams and Hank Robinson had solid seasons and were still the stars of the mound corps with 21-10-2.15 and 14-9-2.38 campaigns respectively, Claude Hendrix, fell off the mountaintop falling down to 14-15 in his last season in a Pirate uniform.

When the Federal League appeared he following season, defections would kill the Pirates making 1913 the last season they enjoyed as contenders for a while.

By Pirates Encyclopedia
Babe Adams, Bobby Byrne, Claude Hendrix, George Gibson, Hank Robinson, Honus Wagner, Howie Camnitz, Jim Viox, Mike Simon


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