Another Last Place Team

A week before opening day in 1992, Lee Thomas got the season off to a stupendous start by trading Jason Grimsley to the Baltimore Orioles for a righthanded relief pitcher named Curt Schilling.   

Terry Mulholland could not hold a three-run lead and lost the opener, 4-3, to the Cubs’ Greg Maddux. Tommy Greene was up next and found himself trailing, 3-0, on Ryne Sandberg’s 3-run homerun before he could record an out; but Ruben Amaro, playing centerfield and leading off in place of Dykstra, went 3-4 with a home run, and the Phils roared back for an 11-3 win.

Schilling was pitching effectively in late inning relief, and on April 21 had the great satisfaction of saving a game for Mitch Williams while stopping a six-game team losing streak. On April 23, Tommy Greene pitched seven innings, and with two shutout innings from Schilling, got a win over the Cubs. But something was wrong with Greene, and after getting roughed up in San Diego on April 28, he did not pitch again until late September. Schilling took his place in the rotation.

On May 19, 1992 at the Vet, Schilling made his first start for the Phillies; he pitched six shutout innings against Houston, and was the winning pitcher thanks to a couple of homers by Dave Hollins and a save from Mitch Williams. On Monday, June 8, at Veterans Stadium, Schilling pitched his first shutout, a 3-hit 7-0 win over Pittsburgh.

On the year, Schilling started 26 games, completed 10, pitched four shutouts, and had two saves; he completed 226 innings, won 14, lost 11. In short, he was a horse. So was Terry Mulholland – 32 starts, 12 complete games, two shutouts, 13-11, 3.81 ERA. Mitch Williams had 29 saves. Ben (Big Ben) Rivera was 7-3.

It was a last place team. Fregosi used four shortstops – Juan Bell, 46 games, .204, six errors; Kim Batiste, 44 games, .206, 13 errors; Mariano Duncan, 42 games, .267, five errors; Dale Sveum, 34 games, .176, eight errors.

Darren Daulton hit 27 home runs and led the league with 109 RBIs. Dave Hollins also hit 27 home runs. John Kruk and Lenny Dykstra both hit over .300.

Yo, Mister Fregosi – how can this be a last place team?  Kyle Abbott pitched the third most innings (133), one win, 14 losses.

By max blue
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