Buffalo Bisons at Olympic Park I

Buffalo Bisons at Olympic Park I

Retired Numbers:
General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearStolen Bases
1John Clapp1879
RkPlayerYearCaught Stealing
1John Clapp1879
RkPlayerYearIntentional Walks
1John Clapp1879
RkPlayerYearHit by Pitch
1John Clapp1879
RkPlayerYearsacrifice Hits
1John Clapp1879
RkPlayerYearsacrifice Flies
1John Clapp1879
1John Clapp1879
RkPlayerYearBatting Average
1Dan Brouthers18830.374118
2Dan Brouthers18820.367521
3Dan Brouthers18850.358722
4Jack Rowe18790.352941
5Jim O'Rourke18840.346895
6Jack Rowe18810.333333
7Mike Moynahan18800.33
8Jim O'Rourke18830.327982
9Dan Brouthers18840.326633
10Deacon White18840.325221
RkPlayerYearSlugging Average
1Dan Brouthers18830.571765
2Dan Brouthers18840.562814
3Dan Brouthers18820.547009
4Dan Brouthers18850.542998
5Dan Brouthers18810.540741
6Jack Rowe18810.479675
7Jim O'Rourke18840.479657
8Hardy Richardson18850.457746
9Jack Rowe18840.45
10Hardy Richardson18840.444191
RkPlayerYearIsoloated Power
1John Clapp18790
RkPlayerYearOn Base Percentage
1Ed Swartwood18810.666667
2Dan Brouthers18850.44226
3Dan Brouthers18820.42735
4Jim O'Rourke18840.421842
5Doc Kennedy18830.421053
6Dan Brouthers18830.411765
7Dan Brouthers18840.409548
8Deacon White18840.396018
9Mike Moynahan18800.39
10Dan Brouthers18810.385185
Buffalo Bisons
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