Cleveland Spiders at League Park I

Cleveland Spiders at League Park I

Retired Numbers:
General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearOuts Pitched
1Ed Beatin18901423
2Cy Young18921359
3Cy Young18911271
4Cy Young18931268
5Cy Young18961243
6Cy Young18941226
7Cy Young18981133
8Nig Cuppy18921128
9Cy Young18951109
10Nig Cuppy18961074
RkPlayerYearIntentional Walks
1Jersey Bakely1889
RkPlayerYearBatters Faced
1Cy Young18911830
2Cy Young18921826
3Cy Young18941825
4Cy Young18961781
5Cy Young18931774
6Cy Young18951563
7Cy Young18981554
8Darby O'Brien18891544
9Cy Young18971423
10Ed Beatin18891382
1Joe Sommer18901
2John Lyston18940.272727
3Charlie Petty18940.148148
4John Stafford18930.142857
5Frank Knauss18910.133333
6Henry Clarke18970.130435
7Frank Griffith18940.11811
8Henry Killeen18910.115385
9Charlie Getzien18910.111111
10Sport McAllister18970.107143
1George Davis18911
2Pete McBride18980.857143
3John Stafford18930.571429
4Chauncey Fisher18930.5
5George Kelb18980.489796
6Charlie Sprague18890.470588
7Chick Fraser18980.452381
8Charlie Getzien18910.444444
9George Davies18920.440495
10John Shearon18910.413043
RkPlayerYearSaves Over Walks
1George Kelb18988
2Ed Seward18914
3Tom Williams18923
4Cy Young18982.46341
5Cy Young18962.25806
6Cy Young18971.79592
7Cy Young18951.61333
8Chick Fraser18981.58333
9Pete McBride18981.5
10Cy Young18921.42373
RkPlayerYearAdjusted ERA
1Jersey Bakely18890
Cleveland Spiders
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