Louisville Eclipse at Eclipse Park I

Louisville Eclipse at Eclipse Park I

BR Bullpen

Retired Numbers:
General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearCaught Stealing
1Charlie Bohn1882
RkPlayerYearIntentional Walks
1Charlie Bohn1882
RkPlayerYearsacrifice Hits
1Charlie Bohn1882
RkPlayerYearsacrifice Flies
1Charlie Bohn1882
1Charlie Bohn1882
RkPlayerYearBatting Average
1Charles Fisher18890.5
2Dan O'Connor18900.461538
3Mike Jones18900.444444
4Herb Goodall18900.422222
5Pete Browning18870.402194
6Pete Browning18820.378472
7Jimmy Wolf18900.362799
8Pete Browning18850.361746
9Guy Hecker18860.341108
10Pete Browning18860.340471
RkPlayerYearSlugging Average
1Phil Reccius18830.666667
2Dan O'Connor18900.576923
3Pete Browning18870.546618
4Phil Reccius18860.538462
5Pete Browning18850.530146
6Sam LaRoque18910.514286
7Pete Browning18820.510417
8Charles Fisher18890.5
9Jimmy Wolf18900.478821
10Pete Browning18840.472036
RkPlayerYearIsoloated Power
1Charlie Bohn18820
RkPlayerYearOn Base Percentage
1Ducky Hemp18870.666667
2Phil Reccius18860.615385
3Pat Pettee18910.6
4Monk Cline18910.552632
5Pete Browning18870.517367
6Sam LaRoque18910.514286
7 Long18880.5
8Reddy Mack18870.491632
9Herb Goodall18900.488889
10Phil Reccius18870.486486
Louisville Colonels, Louisville Eclipse
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