Louisville Colonels at Eclipse Park II

Louisville Colonels at Eclipse Park II

Retired Numbers:
General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearCaught Stealing
1George Borchers18950
2Charley Bassett1892
RkPlayerYearIntentional Walks
1George Borchers18950
2Charley Bassett1892
RkPlayerYearsacrifice Flies
1George Borchers18950
2Charley Bassett1892
RkPlayerYearBatting Average
1Billy Gumbert18931
2Kitty Brashear18990.5
3Bert Inks18940.444444
4Matt Kilroy18930.4375
5Hercules Burnett18950.411765
6Fred Clarke18970.389961
7Dan Minnehan18950.382353
8Ducky Holmes18950.372671
9Pete Browning18930.354545
10Billy Earle18940.353846
RkPlayerYearSlugging Average
1Billy Gumbert18932
2Hercules Burnett18950.882353
3Harry Wilhelm18990.666667
4Matt Kilroy18930.625
5Frank Todd18980.6
6Tom McCreery18960.546485
7Fred Clarke18970.532819
8Ducky Holmes18950.515528
9Tom Delahanty18970.5
10Dan Brouthers18950.494845
RkPlayerYearIsoloated Power
1Billy Gumbert18931
2Charley Bassett18920
RkPlayerYearOn Base Percentage
1Billy Gumbert18931
2Art Herman18970.833333
3Fred Lake18940.642857
4Pete Browning18930.563636
5Curt Welch18930.553191
6Hercules Burnett18950.529412
7Fred Clarke18970.523166
8Tim O'Rourke18930.522727
9Ollie Smith18940.522388
10Pat Luby18950.509434
Louisville Colonels
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