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Citi Field
AAA Buffalo Bisons,AA Binghamton Mets,Advanced A St. Lucie Mets,A Savannah Sand Gnats
Retired Numbers:
14, 37, 41, 42, Shea
Sterling Mets, L.P. (Fred Wilpon, Chairman & CEO)
General Manager:
Sandy Alderson
Played As:

The Mets' colors are blue, orange, black and white, symbolic of the return of National League baseball to New York after the Brooklyn Dodgers (blue/white) and New York Giants (orange/black) moved to California. Blue and orange are also the colors of New York City, as seen on its flag.


The cap logo is identical to the logo used by the New York Giants in their final years, and is on a blue cap reminiscent of the caps worn by the Brooklyn Dodgers. In the primary logo, designed by sports cartoonist Ray Gatto, each part of the skyline has special meaning—at the left is a church spire, symbolic of Brooklyn, the borough of churches; the second building from the left is the Williamsburg Savings Bank, the tallest building in Brooklyn; next is the Woolworth Building; after a general skyline view of midtown comes the Empire State Building; at the far right is the United Nations Building. The bridge in the center symbolizes that the Mets, by bringing National League baseball back to New York, represent all five boroughs.

With the introduction of black as an official color, an alternate team logo was created. It is identical to the original logo, but the skyline is black instead of blue and the "Mets" script is blue trimmed in orange and white instead of orange trimmed in white.

Uniform color and design

Currently, the Mets wear an assortment of uniforms.

The team's regular home uniforms were introduced for the 1997 season as alternate uniforms. They are white with blue piping along the seams and feature "Mets" written in blue across the front of the jersey in a cursive script similar to the team logo.

The team's regular road uniforms are solid gray with blue piping, and feature "New York" written in blue all capitals along the front in an old-fashioned style font.

For the 1998 season black was added as a team color. Black drop-shadows were added to the blue and orange lettering on the white and gray jerseys. A solid black alternate jersey with blue piping and "Mets" written in blue lettering trimmed in orange and white was introduced.

The Mets introduced a new version of their original home uniform for the 2010 season, to be used as an alternate uniform. The cream color and blue pinstripes of the new uniform are based on the original Mets uniform when the team debuted in 1962. "Mets" continues to be written in blue script on the front of the jersey, outlined in orange and black.

The cap worn at home is blue with an orange "NY" logo. A black cap with a blue brim and a blue "NY" logo trimmed in orange is worn with the gray road uniforms (and sometimes with the home whites). An all black alternate cap with a blue "NY" logo trimmed in orange and white is worn with the black jerseys.

The Mets wear three styles of Coolflo batting helmets, depending what cap they are wearing that day. If they are wearing their blue caps, the batting helmets are all-blue with an orange "NY", matching the cap. The other caps are matched with batting helmets that have a blue brim and fade to black in the back with a black "NY" outlined in white.

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