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1, 14, 20, 32, 36, 42, P, P
David Montgomery, Giles Limited Partnership (Bill Giles), Claire S. Betz, Tri-Play Associates (William C. Buck), Double Play Inc
General Manager:
Ruben Amaro, JR.
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The Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame


The Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame is a collection of plaques, mounted on a brick wall in the Ashburn Alley section of Citizens Bank Park, the ballpark of the Philadelphia Phillies. From 1978 to 2003, the Phillies inducted one figure from their franchise history and one notable person from the Philadelphia Athletics (A's) organization each year—with the exception of 1983, when the Phillies inducted their Centennial Team. Once Veterans Stadium closed in 2003, the wall plaques used to recognize the Phillies' members were moved to Citizens Bank Park; however, the Phillies no longer induct notable Athletics. Each person inducted into the Wall of Fame was honored with a metal plaque showing the person's face; their position with, and years of service to, the team; and a summary of their most important contributions. In March 2004, the Athletics' plaques were relocated to the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, and a single plaque listing all of the A's inductees was attached to a statue of Connie Mack located across the street from Citizens Bank Park.

Originally, the goal of the Wall of Fame was to induct the greatest players in Phillies and Athletics history; however, exceptions have been made for non-players who have made significant contributions to the organization. Mack, the Athletics' first inductee, had an 11-year playing career in the National League and the Players' League, but is most remembered for his managerial career, and was honored as such on the Wall. Members have been inducted for contributions in more than one area; Paul Owens, inducted in 1988, spent 48 years as a member of the Phillies organization, contributing as a scout, manager, general manager, and team executive. The Phillies have inducted three first basemen, four second basemen, five third basemen, three shortstops, one utility infielder, three catchers, twenty-one outfielders, eighteen pitchers, seven managers, one general manager, one coach, two team executives, and two sportscasters. Twenty-one members of the Wall of Fame are also members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. All of the inductees in the first four seasons from both teams are members; Del Ennis was the first non-member to be inducted.

The first figures to be inducted into the Wall of Fame were Robin Roberts, who was inducted for the Phillies; and Mack, inducted for the A's. Roberts pitched in Philadelphia for 13 seasons as a member of the National League team, and Mack managed the American League club from 1901 to 1950. Although the Athletics have retired no numbers for players from their Philadelphia years, all seven players for whom the Phillies have retired a number or honored a "P" have been inducted into the Wall of Fame: Roberts (1978), Richie Ashburn (1979), Chuck Klein (1980), Grover Cleveland Alexander (1981), Jim Bunning (1984), Steve Carlton (1989), and Mike Schmidt (1990). The Wall's most recent inductee is Darren Daulton, who caught 14 seasons with the Phillies and was the "outspoken leader" of the 1993 National League champions.

The List of the Walls inductees

Inducted Player Team Position Years
1978 Roberts, RobinRobin Roberts[b] Philadelphia Phillies P 1948–1961  
1978 Mack, ConnieConnie Mack Philadelphia Athletics MGR 1901–1950   
1979 Ashburn, RichieRichie Ashburn[b] Philadelphia Phillies OF
1979 Foxx, JimmieJimmie Foxx Philadelphia Athletics 1B 1925–1935
1980 Klein, ChuckChuck Klein[b] Philadelphia Phillies OF 1928–1933
1980 Grove, LeftyLefty Grove Philadelphia Athletics P 1925–1933
1981 Alexander, Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland Alexander[b] Philadelphia Phillies P 1911–1917
1981 Simmons, AlAl Simmons Philadelphia Athletics P 1924–1932
1982 Ennis, DelDel Ennis Philadelphia Phillies OF 1946–1956
1982 Cochrane, MickeyMickey Cochrane Philadelphia Athletics C 1925–1933
1983 no inductees—see Centennial Team
1984 Bunning, JimJim Bunning[b] Philadelphia Phillies P 1964–1969
1984 Dykes, JimmyJimmy Dykes Philadelphia Athletics 2B/3B
1985 Delahanty, EdEd Delahanty Philadelphia Phillies OF 18881889
1985 Plank, EddieEddie Plank Philadelphia Athletics P 1901–1914
1986 Williams, CyCy Williams Philadelphia Phillies OF 1918–1930
1986 Waddell, RubeRube Waddell Philadelphia Athletics P 1902–1907
1987 Hamner, GrannyGranny Hamner Philadelphia Phillies SS 1944–1959
1987 Collins, EddieEddie Collins Philadelphia Athletics 2B 1906–1914

1988 Owens, PaulPaul Owens Philadelphia Phillies MGR
1972, 1983–1984
1988 Moses, WallyWally Moses Philadelphia Athletics OF 1935–1941
1989 Carlton, SteveSteve Carlton[b] Philadelphia Phillies P 1972–1986
1989 Johnson, BobBob Johnson Philadelphia Athletics OF 1933–1942
1990 Schmidt, MikeMike Schmidt[b] Philadelphia Phillies 3B 1972–1989
1990 Valo, ElmerElmer Valo Philadelphia Athletics OF 1940–1943
1991 Bowa, LarryLarry Bowa Philadelphia Phillies SS
1991 Bender, ChiefChief Bender Philadelphia Athletics P 1903–1914
1992 Short, ChrisChris Short Philadelphia Phillies P 1959–1972
1992 Coombs, JackJack Coombs Philadelphia Athletics P 1906–1914
1993 Simmons, CurtCurt Simmons Philadelphia Phillies P 1947–1960
1993 Baker, Frank "Home Run"Frank "Home Run" Baker Philadelphia Athletics 3B 1908–1914
1994 Allen, DickDick Allen Philadelphia Phillies 1B/3B/OF 1963–1969
1994 Shantz, BobbyBobby Shantz Philadelphia Athletics P 1949–1956
1995 Jones, WillieWillie Jones Philadelphia Phillies 3B 1947–1959
1995 Joost, EddieEddie Joost Philadelphia Athletics SS
1996 Thompson, SamSam Thompson Philadelphia Phillies OF 18891898 [44]
1996 Rommel, EddieEddie Rommel Philadelphia Athletics P 1920–1932 [45]
1997 Callison, JohnnyJohnny Callison Philadelphia Phillies OF 1960–1969 [46]
1997 Fain, FerrisFerris Fain Philadelphia Athletics 1B 1947–1952 [47]
1998 Luzinski, GregGreg Luzinski Philadelphia Phillies OF 1970–1980 [48]
1998 Miller, BingBing Miller Philadelphia Athletics OF 1922–1926
1999 McGraw, TugTug McGraw Philadelphia Phillies P 1975–1984 [50]
1999 Chapman, SamSam Chapman Philadelphia Athletics OF 1938–1951 [51]
2000 Cravath, GavvyGavvy Cravath Philadelphia Phillies OF
2000 Earnshaw, GeorgeGeorge Earnshaw Philadelphia Athletics P 1928–1933 [53]
2001 Maddox, GarryGarry Maddox Philadelphia Phillies OF 1975–1986 [54]
2001 Zernial, GusGus Zernial Philadelphia Athletics OF 1951–1957 [55]
2002 Taylor, TonyTony Taylor Philadelphia Phillies 2B 1960–1971
2002 Walberg, RubeRube Walberg Philadelphia Athletics P 1923–1933 [57]
2003 Magee, SherrySherry Magee Philadelphia Phillies OF 1904–1914 [58]
2003 Oldring, RubeRube Oldring Philadelphia Athletics OF 1906–1916
2004 Hamilton, BillyBilly Hamilton Philadelphia Phillies OF 18901895 [60]
2005 Boone, BobBob Boone Philadelphia Phillies C 1972–1982 [61]
2006 Green, DallasDallas Green Philadelphia Phillies P
2007 Vukovich, JohnJohn Vukovich Philadelphia Phillies INF
1970–1971, 1976–1981
2008 Samuel, JuanJuan Samuel Philadelphia Phillies 2B 1983–1989 [65]
2009 Kalas, HarryHarry Kalas Philadelphia Phillies TV 1971–2009 [66]
2010 Daulton, DarrenDarren Daulton Philadelphia Phillies C 1983
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