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General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearSlugging Average
1Travis Hughes20061
2Rick Short20050.933333
3Brendan Harris20050.777778
4Alex Escobar20060.574713
5Joel Hanrahan20070.571429
6Ryan Zimmerman20050.568965
7Daryle Ward20060.567308
8Ian Desmond20090.560976
9Alfonso Soriano20060.559505
10Carlos Maldonado20100.545455
RkPlayerYearIsoloated Power
1Rick Short20051
2Tony Armas20050
RkPlayerYearOn Base Percentage
1Henry Mateo20051
2Jay Bergmann20050.666667
3Nick Johnson20080.559633
4Endy Chavez20050.555556
5Nick Johnson20060.536
6Rick Short20050.533333
7Kenny Kelly20050.5
8Nick Johnson20050.492274
9Nick Johnson20090.490085
10Adam Dunn20090.487179
Washington Nationals
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