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Retired Numbers:
General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearGames Completed
1Livan Hernandez20052
2Pedro Astacio20061
3Tony Armas20050
1John Patterson20051
2Tony Armas20050
RkPlayerYearOpponents Batting Average
1Tony Armas2005
1Wilfredo Ledezma20091.41176
2Chris Schroder20061.37647
3Stephen Strasburg20101.35294
4Collin Balester20101.33333
5Tyler Clippard20101.23077
6Joey Eischen20061.22727
7Chad Cordero20081.15385
8Garrett Mock20081.12195
9Shairon Martis20081.1129
10Tyler Clippard20091.1105
RkPlayerYearAdjusted ERA
1Tony Armas20050
Washington Nationals
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