Worcester Ruby Legs at Worcester Driving Park Grounds

Worcester Ruby Legs at Worcester Driving Park Grounds

Retired Numbers:
General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearStolen Bases
1Frank Mountain18820
2Charlie Bennett1880
RkPlayerYearCaught Stealing
1Frank Mountain18820
2Charlie Bennett1880
RkPlayerYearIntentional Walks
1Frank Mountain18820
2Charlie Bennett1880
RkPlayerYearHit by Pitch
1Frank Mountain18820
2Charlie Bennett1880
RkPlayerYearsacrifice Hits
1Frank Mountain18820
2Charlie Bennett1880
RkPlayerYearsacrifice Flies
1Charlie Bennett1880
1Charlie Bennett1880
RkPlayerYearBatting Average
1Charlie Reilley18810.375
2John Clarkson18820.363636
3Buttercup Dickerson18810.316076
4Pete Hotaling18810.309148
5Steve Dignan18800.3
6Buttercup Dickerson18800.293233
7Harry Stovey18820.288889
8Candy Nelson18810.281553
9Lee Richmond18820.280702
10Mike Dorgan18810.277273
RkPlayerYearSlugging Average
1John Clarkson18820.545455
2Steve Dignan18800.5
3Harry Stovey18800.453521
4Buttercup Dickerson18800.443609
5Frank Mountain18820.442857
6Harry Stovey18820.422222
7Lee Richmond18820.421053
8Buttercup Dickerson18810.405995
9Harry Stovey18810.40176
10Jackie Hayes18820.398773
RkPlayerYearIsoloated Power
1Charlie Bennett18800
RkPlayerYearOn Base Percentage
1Dan O'Leary18820.409091
2Charlie Reilley18810.375
3Pete Hotaling18810.365931
4John Clarkson18820.363636
5Harry Stovey18820.35
6Buttercup Dickerson18810.337875
7Lip Pike18810.333333
8Candy Nelson18810.330097
9Lee Richmond18820.320175
10Frank Mountain18820.314286
Worcester Ruby Legs
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