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Year Team W L R RA Diff Att
2004 Arizona Diamondbacks 51 111 615 899 -284 2,519,560
2010 Arizona Diamondbacks 65 97 713 836 -123 0
1998 Arizona Diamondbacks 65 97 665 812 -147 3,610,290
2009 Arizona Diamondbacks 70 92 720 782 -62 2,128,765
2006 Arizona Diamondbacks 76 86 773 788 -15 2,091,685
2005 Arizona Diamondbacks 77 85 696 856 -160 2,059,424
2008 Arizona Diamondbacks 82 80 720 706 14 2,509,924
2003 Arizona Diamondbacks 84 78 717 685 32 2,805,542
2000 Arizona Diamondbacks 85 77 792 754 38 2,942,251
2007 Arizona Diamondbacks 90 72 712 732 -20 2,325,249
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks 92 70 818 677 141 2,736,451
2002 Arizona Diamondbacks 98 64 819 674 145 3,198,977
1999 Arizona Diamondbacks 100 62 908 676 232 3,019,654
Arizona Diamondbacks
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