Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox

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U.S. Cellular Field
Retired Numbers:
2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 16, 19, 35, 72, 42
Jerry Reinsdorf, Eddie Einhorn, Robert Mazer, Robert Judelson, Judd Malkin, Allan Muchin, Jay Pinsky, Larry Pogofsky, Lee Stern,
General Manager:
Kenny Williams (GM)
Played As:
RkPlayerYearBatting Average
1Billy Meyer19131
2Ed Herrmann19670.666667
3Nyls Nyman19740.642857
4Stan Goletz19410.6
5Terry Forster19720.526316
6Kid Gleason19120.5
7Eddie Murphy19190.485714
8Craig Wilson19980.468085
9Freddy Parent19110.444444
10Mike Kreevich19350.434783
RkPlayerYearIsoloated Power
1Chuck Lindstrom19582
2Charlie Barnabe19281
3Dave Brain19010
Chicago White Sox
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