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The original Brewers uniforms were "hand-me-downs" from the Seattle Pilots. There was no time before the 1970 season to order new uniforms, so the team simply removed the Seattle markings and sewed "BREWERS" on the front. The uniforms had unique striping on the sleeves left over from the Pilots days. The cap was an updated version of the Milwaukee Braves cap in blue and yellow.

The Brewers finally got their own flannel design in 1972. These were essentially the same as the 1970 uniforms but with blue and yellow piping on the sleeves and collar.

In 1973, the Brewers entered the doubleknit era with uniforms based upon their flannels—all white with "BREWERS" on the front, blue and yellow trim on the sleeves, neck, waistband and down the side of the pants. This is the uniform that Hank Aaron would wear with the club in his final seasons, and that Robin Yount would wear in his first.

During this period, the logo of the club was the Beer Barrel Man, which had been used by the American Association Milwaukee Brewers since at least the 1940s.



The Brewers unveiled new uniforms for the 1978 season—pinstripes with solid blue collar and waistband. The road uniforms continued to be powder blue, but for the first time the city name "MILWAUKEE" graced the chest in an upward slant. In addition, this season saw the introduction of the logo that was to define the club—"M" and "B" in the shape of a baseball glove. The logo was designed by Tom Meindel, an art history student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The home cap was solid blue, and the road cap was blue with a yellow front panel. The club would wear these uniforms in their pennant-winning season of 1982.

The road uniform underwent minor changes in 1986: the road cap was eliminated, and gray replaced powder blue as the uniform color. Further modifications were made in 1990: button-up jerseys replaced the pullovers, and a script "Brewers" replaced the block letters.



On January 15, 1994, the Brewers unveiled their first new logo and team colors since the 1978 season in a ceremony at BrewersFest (what was then the winter fan festival). Navy, green and metallic gold replaced the old royal blue and yellow, and Germanic lettering replaced the standard block. The caps were navy (home) and navy with green bill (road), and bore an interlocking "MB" logo. This logo was never very popular with the fans, and was frequently derided as "Motre Bame" for its resemblance to the "ND" made famous by Notre Dame in a similar color scheme.

The addition of green was most prominent in the road uniforms, which featured green piping, belt and stockings on a greenish-gray uniform.

In addition, the 1994 re-design included the first alternate jersey in the club's history: a solid navy jersey with the nickname across the chest above the club's primary logo.

1996 saw a minor alteration to the uniform letters and caps. Green was de-emphasized on the road uniform, replaced by blue trim, belt and stockings. On the cap, a single "M" (white on the home caps, gold on the road caps) replaced the "MB". The uniform trim was thickened and made more pronounced, and the lettering across the chest was made uniform in size.

For the 1997 and 1998 season, insignia commemorating the sesquicentennial of Wisconsin's statehood appeared on the sleeve.



In anticipation of the move to Miller Park, the Brewers unveiled completely new uniforms for the 2000 season—solid white with gold and navy trim on sleeves and side of pants, and script "Brewers" across the chest. The all-navy caps bear a script "M" underscored with a sprig of barley.

The city name was taken off the chest of the road uniforms, replaced by the same script "Brewers" as found on the home uniforms. The city name "Milwaukee" appears on a patch on the left sleeve.

Starting in 2008, the Brewers modified their logo on the left sleeve on their uniforms, showing a gold outline of the state of Wisconsin and the cap logo on top of it, showing the Brewers statewide appeal.

For the 2006 season, as part of a "Retro Sundays" promotion, the Brewers unveiled a new alternate uniform for Sunday home games, with the return of the "ball and glove" logo, pinstripes, block letters and classic colors (however, the current jerseys are button-front, not pullover as they were in 1982). In 2007 "Retro Sundays" became "Retro Fridays" and a sleeve patch was added to the alternate uniforms honoring the Silver Anniversary of the 1982 pennant-winning season. It has been speculated on some fansites that the Retro Sundays and Retro Fridays promotions are the Brewers management's way of "testing the market" in anticipation to a full time switch back to the classic uniforms.

One game of the 2006 season, July 29, was dubbed "Hispanic Appreciation Night". For this game the Brewers' uniforms replaced the "Brewers" script with a script bearing the word "Cerveceros" Spanish for makers of beer. The uniforms appeared again on September 6, 2008, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Since 2006, the Brewers have also participated in games honoring the Negro Leagues, wearing throwback uniforms styled after the one-year Milwaukee Bears. Also, the Brewers, in a series against the Atlanta Braves, will wear the uniforms and caps of the Milwaukee Braves.

For the 2010 season the Brewers got a new uniform, an alternate navy blue road uniform with the front script reading "Milwaukee" instead of "Brewers". This uniform will feature the State of Wisconsin patch on the left sleeve. Also for the 2010 season, the Brewers are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a special patch that will be worn on the right sleeve of every uniform except the retro uniform. The Brewers also for one weekend each month during a 4-month span, honored the different decades of Brewers baseball, including one day of wearing retro uniforms of that particular decade. The uniform styles the Brewers wore were what the team wore from 1973–1977, 1978–1991, 1996–1999, and their current uniforms.

Milwaukee Brewers
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