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Target Field
AAA Rochester Red Wings, AA New Britain Rock Cats, Advanced A Fort Myers Miracle, A Beloit Snappers
Retired Numbers:
3, 6, 14, 29, 34, 42
Jim Pohlad
General Manager:
Played As:
RkPlayerYearOpponents Batting Average
1Fred Bruckbauer19611.000
2Mel Nelson19670.750
3Carl Willis19950.710
4Adam Johnson20030.667
5Joe Beimel20040.615
6Gerry Arrigo19620.600
7Mauro Gozzo19920.580
8Dennis Burtt19860.530
9Julio Becquer19610.500
10Bill Fischer19640.470
1Chuck Nieson19642.5
2Pat Neshek20061.43243
3Francisco Liriano20051.39437
4Joe Nathan20061.39024
5Gary Dotter19641.38462
6Joe Nathan20051.34286
7Joe Nathan20091.29612
8Juan Rincon20041.29268
9Johan Santana20021.26462
10Curt Wardle19841.25
RkPlayerYearSaves Over Walks
1Jim Ollom196611
2Pat Neshek20068.83333
3Carlos Silva20057.88889
4Eric Milton20037
5Rick Aguilera19996.5
6Joe Nathan20065.9375
7Brad Radke20045.5
8Jim Merritt19675.36667
9Johan Santana20055.28889
10Brad Radke20015.26923
RkPlayerYearAdjusted ERA
1Gerry Arrigo19610
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