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1, 14, 20, 32, 36, 42, P, P
David Montgomery, Giles Limited Partnership (Bill Giles), Claire S. Betz, Tri-Play Associates (William C. Buck), Double Play Inc
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Starting Over

New manager, new team, same result – 93 losses, 7th place finish.  Phillies fans’, what few were left, were trying to get their heads straight over the report that the reason they weren’t seeing Chuck Klein in right field was that team management had decided they couldn’t afford him. They had been paying him $17,500 a year since 1931, and he wanted a raise. (The Cubs payed him $30,000 for the 1934 season). Did Phillies management think they were going to pay to see a guy named Kiddo Davis play rightfield? Kiddo wasn’t a lefthanded hitter, much to be desired with the 280 foot Baker Bowl right field porch, and he wasn’t Chuck Klein. It was rumored that the team was paid $125,000 for a guy the fans figured was priceless. Sure, that was a lot of money at a time when the whole country was scrambling for jobs, and the whole world was in an economic mess because of a bunch of stiff-necked Wall Street bankers, but, dammit, how could they put money above loyalty to the people who paid their hard-earned dough to see the boys play ball? Pinky Whitney, Spud Davis, and Chuck Klein, all gone. And now it was Don Hurst, for a guy named Dolph Camilli. At least they still had all-star shortstop Dick Bartell, but how long would that last? And who was this guy Bucky Walters playing third base? And why would an old warrior like Jimmie Wilson, coming off a year as the National League all-star catcher agree to manage a bunch of bindle-stiffs like these losers. It was disgusting – they got rid of the guys that made it fun to watch, and kept the wretched pitchers who were the source of all the grief. Jumbo Elliot was finished, Phil Collins, Ed Holley, Snipe Hansen, Syl Johnson, Cy Moore – no chance, Jimmie. The new guy, Curt Davis, won 19 games with a 2.95 ERA – you had to wonder how long he would be around. Things got so bad on the mound, that manager Wilson brought in his thirdbaseman, Walters, to help out a couple of times, and the guy showed a pretty good fastball. The Phillies were taking a page from Connie Mack’s book of how to wreck a team.
November 1 – Phillies traded shortstop Dick Bartell to the New York Giants for Lefthand Pitcher Pretzel Pezzulo and the 99th floor of the Empire State building.
Phillies’ fans were depressed.

By max blue

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