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3 years 1 week ago
Transactions in the month of December are expected, but sometimes a date can have several meaningful ones for one franchise. December 11th was a big day for the Yankees.  1951 - Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement. "The Yankee Clipper" ends his career with a batting average of .325 and 361... Read more.
2014-12-21 22:02
2 years 51 weeks ago
Under a warm summer sun, fans strained to catch a glimpse of two of baseball's greatest stars battling each other. Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, once tough competitors on the baseball field, were at it again. But this competition did not take place on a diamond - they battled instead on the rolling hills... Read more.
2014-12-21 21:46
Babe Ruth
Ty Cobb
2 years 50 weeks ago
The secret deal made on December 26 to sell Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for $125,000 (twice the amount ever paid previously for a player) is announced publicly. Boston Red Sox owner Harry Frazee also secures a $350,000 loan from the Yankees as... Read more.
2014-12-21 21:32
Babe Ruth
2 years 48 weeks ago
Baseball Prospectus found an interesting interview with Ted Williams from August 23rd, 1940. In it he’s asked who he would sign with if he were a free agent; Williams answered “the Dodgers” because he “knew he’d be a hero in Brooklyn.” That was only two years into Williams’... Read more.
2014-12-20 03:51
2 years 48 weeks ago
The results of this year’s Hall of Fame voting and with them a renewed debate about what actually makes a worthy candidate. This debate has been around for decades, before the question of steroids arose, and has more to do with voting on “very good players,” you know, the guys who are at the... Read more.
2014-12-20 03:50
2 years 47 weeks ago
An original, "fictionalized" replay of the 1924 baseball season, told in the language of the time, through the eyes and hearts of 17-year-old Phillies fan Vinny Spanelli, Tigers beat reporter Calvin J. Butterworth, and others. Meet all the stars of '24, from Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, and... Read more.
2014-12-20 03:06
2 years 44 weeks ago
Bob is a frequent contributor to The Baseball Page and has written hundreds of stories, biographies and more for the site. Here is his latest book: The New York Yankees are Major League Baseball’s most renowned and successful franchise. Baseball greats such as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Derek... Read more.
2014-12-20 02:24
2 years 31 weeks ago
After the first thirty-one games of the 2012 season, the St Louis Cardinals are even hotter than they were over the final thirty-one games of the 2011 season, when they were by far, the hottest team on the planet.  But are they merely “hot” or are they just incredibly good?  At what... Read more.
2014-12-19 23:47
2 years 28 weeks ago
The Miami Marlins controversial pitcher Carlos Zambrano reminded all of us yesterday that we do have pitchers in baseball that still know how to hit. Zambrano's solo blast off the Phillie's Joe Blanton put him into a seventh place-tie with former Cardinal star pitcher Bob Gibson and John Clarkson,... Read more.
2014-12-19 23:37
2 years 28 weeks ago
  In the baseball movie "Bull Durham" catcher Crash Davis says to his pitcher Nuke LaLoosh, "Don't try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are "boring!" Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground-balls - it's more democratic." As home runs started increasing in the '90's during the so-... Read more.
2014-12-19 23:36
3 years 19 weeks ago
Can baseball save America again? The economic news of the last few days has been sobering.  For decades, baseball has played in interesting role in America in times of economic woe. We found a great article by Eric Spitznagel that captures the roles of baseball, fans and the economy. Read on... Read more.
2014-12-19 04:57
Baseball is the nicest sport out there. I guess they all have been pretty amazed with that one. - Nova Science Publishers
3 years 30 weeks ago
Last night, the Phillies beat the Reds in the bottom of the 19th inning - 5-4. Second baseman Wilson Valdez won the game in relief. It was the first time a player in the field came in to record a win since Yankee's left fielder, Babe Ruth did it on October 1, 1921. Over 45,000 fans saw the... Read more.
2014-12-19 04:06
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